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recording / playback voice and link it to GPS location, is there an app for that ?

Posted by ohmygodoui on 14 February 2020 in English (English)

i would like to find an app, which records your voice and links it to the gps location , exemple : if on a race-track you could have the feedback from the app, and you can modify/add the recorded information in the log, just by speaking

for example :

voice-start-cmd : START -> starts recording/playing your voice/recording during , if no entry and silence no recording, if gps position has voice recording, plays it , but still listens to voice and changes/adds the recorded information linked to that particular gps position

pause-cmd ; PAUSE -> pauses the recording only plays gps-location-linked information

stop-cmd : STOP no voice play / recording

the final result will be if for example you say at the beginning of the track PAUSE, it will play the instructions/info you entered during a previous pass-by ………. 90 degrees turn to right ahead , go in breaks smoothly , ….. slight turn to left,

or whatever instructions a rally co rider gives to the pilot

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