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The Haircut Change Process about 7 years ago

Even when the dog poops in the yard, we still love it. Just keep it away from the michael vicks who would have the two dogs fight

Bethesda mapped in one day! about 7 years ago

Nice, maps always look so much better with buildings added

Adding landuse about 7 years ago

Landuse is the way to go. Nothing is more boring than a white map. Too bad more counties don't open up their data for importing into osm. Someday maybe the us will look like germany or brittian.

Environmental OSM wiki update about 7 years ago

Looks like an interesting idea. It should help with landcover imports

Scanaerial needs coders, ideas & algorithms about 7 years ago

Looks like it has a lot of potential. Maybe it could be used to add buildings in the future. Ill take a look at a little more and see if I can help any way.

Baltimore City Landuse Map about 7 years ago

Looks like you are off to a good start. It is always easier to varify the data in josm first before updating to avoid conflicts. You may want to have a user or users nearby look over your osm files before they send them back to you to do the final upload.

TIGER about 7 years ago

Yeah, its too bad it hasn't picked up more in the states like it has in germany and britian whereyou have every single hydrant and tree mapped. All the roads were done long time ago there.

US power lines are still incomplete over 7 years ago

Too bad there aren't any national power line data sets that could be imported. Bing imagery makes it a little easier follow power lines around.

Projection and Address Points over 7 years ago

One way to do it is to upload the data to batchgeo. You don't need the location info. Batchgeo let's you create a kml file with custom categories. There are several ways to convert kml to osm, but there aren't any easy ways that keep the information for each point. And you would need to check to make sure kml and be legally used. Id also be interested in finding out if this is possible.

Paris, France have all buildings in OSM over 7 years ago

Looks good. Looks like a good job of getting people involved. Maybe this can be listed on the imports page as a good example of how taking a little extra time and getting people involved can make for a better map. Easier said than done though. Explaing the process from start to finish if you haven't will hopefully help people in the future.

Mapping improvements made possible by [[Bing]] over 7 years ago

The trick is to get as many people involved with adding buildings as possible. Try getting teachers involved as a class project. Talk to city and county officials including planning department and engineering. Once common people see the power of osm, they will want to get involved. Maybe hold a osm mapping session where people get together and add just buildings in certain areas. It is a lot eisier if you recruit help.

London winter pub meet-up at the Monkey Puzzle over 7 years ago

Also check out osmand and my tracks for droid, two of my favorites

Yahoo imagery in JOSM over 7 years ago

Good job with the video. You might want to post it on the wiki help page also. Sometimes if you zoom in first then load the wms imagery you get a better quality. Also if you are just doing buildings you can turn off the osm layer if you know you don't have anything there yet. The osm layer can add a film over the wms making it hard to add buildings. Also try the usgs wms layer which may be of higher quality.

Project HotSpot within the Inland Empire in Southern California over 7 years ago

Looking good. Keep up the good work. I live in northern ca and have been down there several times. Its nice to see the area finally getting some love.

To Do list: Stuff to map out around Vancouver BC. over 7 years ago

A good list. Having a plan is the first step to getting stuff done. You may want to create a wiki page so you and others can work on it.

Problem with Yahoo WMS plugin in JOSM over 7 years ago

The link to add in JOSM is

Check out for more.

Problem with Yahoo WMS plugin in JOSM over 7 years ago

Check out usgs imagery. It is a lot more reliable. I've never been able to get yahoo to work. It is just one of those things that may not work no matter what you try. It works good here in calif.

Request for comments on my Wiki sidebar proposal over 7 years ago

Its good. much more focused. It should help to draw people in especially newbies. One suggestion, make all the secondary words lower cased. Who is the wiki sidebar keeper? Let's get him on it.

New Phone! over 7 years ago

Check out osmand. It supports adding pois directly.

Just Getting Started - need guidance almost 8 years ago

You can also try map rectifier by meta carta labs.