It's beginning to get green outside

Posted by nmixter on 17 December 2008 in English (English)

I added county and state park shapes in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties using map rectifier ( It is a great program to use to add landuses that can't be added with GPS. Now the area on the west bay is no longer completely white. It's now got a smathering of green parks throughout. I included the wms rectified image numbers below in case anyone wants to look at them or add extra features, ie trails, restrooms, campsites. Currently I just added the shapes for the parks. I will continue to add additional parks working north toward SF.

Levin 1016
Calero 1015
Anderson 1014
Almaden 1013
Grant 1017
Hellyer 1018
Motorcycle 1019
Uvas 1041
Upper Stevens Creek 1038
Santa Theresa 1030
Sanborn 1029
Montalvo 1028
Los Gatos 1027
Lexington 1026
Coyote Lake 1042
Big Basin State Park 1105
Castle Rock State Park 1110
Portola State Park 1113

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