Border Patrol

Posted by nfgusedautoparts on 5 October 2013 in English (English)

US borders (state, county, etc.) are kind of a mess. some areas have been cleaned up, but most of them are pretty bad, the result of imports from different sources of varying quality. The USGS county borders from a few years back are quite bad, for example. Most cities, villages and CDPs have borders from 2008 TIGER, which is better but doesn't match well; the result is that where locality borders "match" county and state boundaries is usually pretty messy. For the the past couple of months, another NYS mapper (Chris Curtis) and I have been working to improve the border situation. Things are looking very good from Lake Champlain south along the Hudson River to Putnam and Orange Counties, and pushing west along the Mohawk. What we're doing is using the current TIGER county subdivisions borders and gradually replacing bad county and state borders from the USGS import with generally more accurate TIGER boundaries. As we do this, an added bonus is that we can share borders with localities as they usually match up well; when they don't match up, we can grab 2013 TIGER borders from the places shape file and frequently, the mismatch is because of something that improved in TIGER in the past 5 years. But the border between NY & NJ, and NY & PA is proving to be a bit nasty. there have been a bunch of uncoordinated imports with little to no QC over the years, and it's going to take a while to disentangle all of it. but the area around Port Jervis is now a bit better, and things will continue to improve (i hope).

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