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Feasibility of Telegram channel as a major matter of communication for Russian OSM community

You raise well thought points. Have you tried raising those on the iD issue tracker? I’m sure that with the recent development the developers would consider either re-ranking the channels and/or adding a remark to the Telegram channel that it is blocked in Russia.

Reflections on 10 years of a changing Open Source Map

One of the true pioneers! :) Thanks for this personal story, a worthwhile read.

Thank you, now on with the next steps

Thanks for addressing my questions.

As for conflict of interest on this policy, I would ask that you consider all the board members in that criteria.

Of course I do. But I might have misinterpreted your intentions by the brevity of your statement.

Your implicit questioning about my IT background has been answered.

I think you misunderstood me there. It is my opinion that having an IT background or not is really totally unimportant for being on the board. I just pointed that out because someone at Q&A wrote something along the lines of “your are on Github, but you only did …”. I didn’t like that quite much. I also found that one particular e-mail directed at you quite despicable. Yes I know that I also have written a not so nice e-mail at another occasion (not directed at you), but still nothing compared with that. But we learn and improve ourselves so I think.

How do you think people should adjust their online behaviour to collaborate and negotiate with others who have different viewpoints or experience?

Interesting and difficult question. The first thing is respect, obviously. But it is really easy to throw this overboard when communicating on the internet and not face to face. We will have to improve, but false generalisations like the whatever pit of something are no help (btw. Doesn’t this fall under the HOT CoC?). There might have to be guidelines but they need to stay low-level (less is more) and be quite explicit. We shouldn’t be tempted to overregulate also because we have to adjust to our cultural differences. We also have to make sure that regulations and guidelines are not used by those with control to silence critical voices. Vague guidelines might have the problem to be used for overregulation.

There is the board who can set this on its agenda. There is also the CWG that can help to have this implemented. Acceptance by the community is paramount here I think.

Say hello to the giant Multipolygons

Imagico I value your cartographic knowledge and I know that you already have presented your arguments before so I understand your frustration. I was not involved in that release and - so I think - neither were you. But since you are a maintainer of openstreetmap-carto: Do you think this blog post is appropriate or maybe you should have brought this up on the issue tracker or in other form? I’m inclined to answer no on the first part of the question.

One year at the Foundation.. an incredible book series by Isaac Asimov

Thanks from me too!

Thank you, now on with the next steps

Congratulations Heather for being voted onto the board! I’d like to ask you two questions on topics that are important for me. Thanks for taking the time to answer them.

In your election campaign you repeatedly stated that you wanted to get into governance because of the “data/directed editing policy”. I think that the involvement of your employer (the international commitee of the red cross) with humanitarian mapping constitutes a conflict of interest for you here as the directed editing policy possibly could have an impact on your employers activity regarding humanitarian mapping.

How do you plan to handle this conflict of interest in relation to your goal to get into governance because of the directed editing policy?

I think it is great to have more women on the board especially since Kathleen stepped down quite early. I also think it is not a requirement that anyone on the board has experience with IT or software development. But I think mapping is quite important, because it enables you to relate to the community more and helps to better understand some of the problems the average mapper faces (probably) daily.

Do you plan to do some regular mapping maybe even outside of the humanitarian context if your time allows?


(I’m an OSMF associate member.)

That blade of grass is coming back to haunt us.

My comment might have been misleading. We have not removed all barrier renderings, but restricted them to some meaningful values to prevent something like barrier=line.

That blade of grass is coming back to haunt us.

At osm-carto we deliberately removed rendering for barrier=line (more specifically rendering for barrier=*) to discourage tagging for the renderer. It was rendered in the past, but now is not rendered any more. See for details.

Potlatch 2.5

Wow, that was a quick release. Many thanks for the effort to support new-style multipolygons!

Fehler beim Speichern

Ich kann dir jetzt mit iD nicht so weiterhelfen (benutze JOSM). Aber ich habe mir deine Relation mal angesehen und hat alles ganz gut ausgesehen. Es gibt 2 Versionen, zuerst hast du die Relation mit Wegen erstellt und dann die Kunstwerke hinzugefügt.

Einzig die Route war nicht geschlossen, bei der Steinbergstraße hat ein Stück gefehlt, das habe ich hinzugefügt. Auch hast du die Angabe route=hiking vergessen, habe ich ebenfalls hinzugefügt.

OSM Awards 2016 – Entscheidungshilfe

Schöne Zusammenfassung. Ich persönlich bin der Meinung, dass ein OSM Award so unnötig wie sonst nur was ist. Ich habe aber trotzdem abgestimmt. Mich erinnert das ein bisschen an die Ränge und Abzeichen, die man in anderen Vereinen abräumen kann. Ich möchte niemandem Anerkennung vorenthalten und glaube, dass alle hier Genannten auf die eine oder andere Art Großes geleistet haben. Genauso haben aber auch viele Nichtgenannten Großes geleistet. Wer also irgendeinen Preis wo abräumt, ist mir vollkommen wurscht.

Status der OpenTopoMap

Ich entwickle bei openstreetmap-carto mit, dort habe ich die meisten Symbole neu gestaltet und auf SVG umgestellt und vor kurzem die Grenzdarstellung auf kleineren Zoomstufen verbessert. Ich bin seit kurzem auch Committer oder “Maintainer” bei Mapbox’ CartoCSS und was mich bisher davon abgehalten hat mich näher mit OpenTopoMap auseinanderzusetzen war, dass der Code in Mapnik XML und nicht in CartoCSS vorliegt.

War das eine bewusste Wahl? Hat Mapnik XML gegenüber CartoCSS Vorteile deiner Meinung nach (fehlende Kaskadierung und dadurch kleinerer Stil?)? Wäre ein Port sinnvoll? Möglicherweise würde das auch mehr Entwickler anziehen, da vielleicht die CSS-artige Syntax von CartoCSS gerade auch Menschen, die sich schon einmal mit Webdesign beschäftigt haben, eher verständlich ist.

Falls du die JavaScript basierte Referenzimplementierung von CartoCSS nicht gut findest, dann gibt es auch noch eine Go Implementierung: Magnacarto von Omniscale, wo ich vor einiger Zeit mitgeholfen habe, die für Mapnik 3 “fit” zu machen.

Nach einem kurzen Überblick hätte ich wahrscheinlich auch kein Problem mit Mapnik XML, aber anderen geht es vielleicht nicht so.

Google Summer of Code 2016 - improving openstreetmap-carto

Interesting idea, coincidentally I was preparing similar visualizations for a talk at FOSSGIS. I did not prepare a low zoom one, so it is good to have an additional (linkable) resource. :)

Nonsense values of shop= key

Somebody who writes that someones opinion is irrelevant is not worth listening to.

JOSM reaches version 10000 in its 10th year

JOSM is a great editor, which is a pleasure to use. Thanks!

OpenStreetMap Foundation Chairperson's Report for the Annual General Meeting

I’m quite sure the intention was to thank the parting board members for their service not to omit some names.

openstreetmap road cross problem(JSOM/Mapnik )

Regarding your second image I think that it is unlikely that a road that is not on a bridge joins with a road that is on a bridge. The other junction also does not make much sense to me. I would suspect rather a data/tagging error than a rendering error.

It would help a lot if you could post a link to the locations you have referenced in the images.

Osmic icons for JOSM

The outline is a compromise between the dark style without aerial imagery and the noisy background of aerial imagery. On the dark style without aerial imagery a semi-transparent halo very quickly starts looking dirty-greyish. Since you already have experience with tweaking icons for JOSM I would be happy if you or someone could help with finding the best-looking alternative.

I guess you mean if I have plans to make this the default style of JOSM? No, currently not. However, if somebody wanted to push it in this direction this would be ok for me and I would support it. I’m sure you have noticed that this style does not cover all icons currently supported by JOSM, so there would still be some work to do.

New road style for the Default map style, the full version - high zoom

What kind of artefact appears on z12?

With “artefact” I meant that on z11 the thinness of the outline and the high contrast between fill colour and casing colour let the road appear with a rather jagged outline, which does not look too good (at least in your renderings here, maybe its different on the map). The same is true for z12, but the problem is less amplified. Then it gets better.

This could be solved by starting with a less dark casing colour on z11-12 and then gradually moving towards the current colour on higher zooms or reducing contrast between casing colour and fill colour altogether for all zoom levels. But I rather like the stronger casings on higher zooms so better to keep them and tweak the lower zooms a bit.

New road style for the Default map style, the full version - high zoom

Looks really great! Just one point that I spotted: While the stronger casing of secondary roads looks great on higher zooms I think it is too strong at z11 and z12. At z12 this causes some “artefacts” like in your rendering of Market Weighton. Maybe you could start out subtler and then move to a stronger casing on higher zooms.