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A year of edits with OSM Streak 6 months ago

Excellence. OSM has always needed gamification.

There is also this for teaching your changes:

Status update (Kuwait) 7 months ago

Great to see your commitment to the cause!

Regarding my earlier exhortation to report safety and other violations in the oilfield, I offer this record:

Status update (Kuwait) 7 months ago

You must have lots of stories to tell.

I see you're also a Mapillary contributor. Have a look at Kuwait. Most of the footage is from my time as a BusKW volunteer. I aimed to do both sides of every road on a bus route in 360 but left after only completing half. Again, I encourage to contact the lads, they recently got funding for the app through Ministry of Youth - after the funding application I wrote got accepted. Your skills would be useful on this project to set the country going in a positive direction for its people.

Status update (Kuwait) 7 months ago


Please contact BusKW. They are a volunteer group setting up a public transport project in Kuwait and could do with your GTFS and GIS expertise:

Check the contact form,


Good luck in Kuwait, you're gonna need it. Don't forget to post your experiences at work using Report every problem, ethics concern and safety violation you encounter to your company's ethics reporting hotline and embassy, don't lose your dignity by staying silent.


Added Houses in my Neighborhood almost 2 years ago

very well done to you sir! keep it up

Did you know that USA accidentally dropped 4 Hydrogen Bombs on Spain about 2 years ago


“Go Map!!” For iPhone is Wonderful about 2 years ago

great to hear, thanks for the tip

Test over 5 years ago

Hells yeah!!!