More postbox nemeses

Posted by mwbg on 18 June 2011 in English (English)

Just spent a pointless rainy day in Castlemorton, looking for the elusive WR13 139 Bowling Green. Nowhere to be seen. A lot of boxen have been nicked around here, but I could see no sign of straps being boltcuttered from telegraph poles or the like.

The given postcode seems far too close to the Chandler's Cross box.

I seem to be getting one non-existent box in each area that I do. Not just "removed", but "never was there". Are RM really putting fake boxes in just to detect people copying the lists ? Are other people finding this ?

Oh, and don't get me going about the glue-sniffers, people who glue ways together so that a highway and (e.g.) a common's boundary are coincident. Do these people not realise that roads have a finite non-zero width and things (street furniture) need to sit between the common boundary and the road's edge ?


Comment from marscot on 19 June 2011 at 21:12

it could be a box that was inside a now closed postoffice, I have two boxes still listed but the buildings are now gone 5years ago.

Comment from Firefishy on 21 June 2011 at 17:42

Fine name, glue-sniffers :-)

Comment from mwbg on 28 July 2011 at 11:09

Hmm. It seems that it was repeatedly blown-up and stolen. When it was replaced by RM, it fell off again, so a local Parish Councilman took it down himself. RM aren't going to replace it as there's another one a few 100m away. dracos isn't updating the list of missing/stolen PBs very well currently.

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