MapRoulette 3.2 is out!

Posted by mvexel on 6 March 2019 in English (English).

tl;dr the release notes 🙂

✨This is a big one✨ We redesigned MapRoulette to make some things easier to find, improve the workflow, and hopefully make it look prettier 💎 as well. We hope you like it!

First of all you will be greeted by a new homepage. This landing page introduces new users to MapRoulette and suggests some challenges to start working on.

New Homepage


An entirely new section of MapRoulette is the Dashboard. This is your personal window into MapRoulette activity. You can see things like your own recent activity, popular challenges and your tracked tasks here. As with almost everyting in MapRoulette, the Dashboard consists of widgets that you can move around, resize, add and delete to create the layout and information display you desire. You can even switch between multiple layouts.

The new MapRoulette dashboard

The main navigation has changed a little bit. We moved Create & Manage to the user dropdown, because creating and maintaining challenges is a lesser used, advanced feature. We added the Dashboard to the top level navigation, and renamed Challenges to a more inviting Find Challenges.

Oh, and you can now also see how many points you collected right in the top bar!

Improvements in Task Completion

Like the Dashboard, the Task Completion pages are now fully Widget-based 🗂. This means that you can move everything (including the map!) around to organize the page to your liking. You can even save multiple layout preferences. We added an Other… dropdown to the task completion buttons, giving you access to all completion options right away. Before, you had to click Edit before you had access to some of the options, like Too hard / Couldn't see. Finally, you can now quickly override your preferred OSM editor. Previously, you could only access this setting in your user profile.

More Ways To Sort Challenges

You can now 🔢 sort challenges by when they were created, so you can quickly see what’s new, and by popularity.

Happy Mapping!

These are just some highlights of what’s new. The full release notes contain more detail. If you’re interested in helping with development, note that the MapRoulette API repository has moved to the Github osmlab organization and is now called maproulette-api. The Docker configuration to deploy MapRoulette was also updated.

Let us know what you think! Drop us a line at, we always look forward to hearing from you.

More 🆕 coming soon –> Portuguese translation 🇧🇷🇵🇹, Review mode 🤓. Stay tuned!

Comment from raphaelmirc on 6 March 2019 at 16:36

parabéns mvexel pelo belo Site do o desing ficou maravilhoso, muito lindo!

Estou fazendo a tradução do Site para o Português do Brasil, não sei se você já viu a mensagem que coloquei lá no Git sobre a tradução, estou traduzindo lá no meu perfil no git.

espero em Breve que o site possa ter a opção de linguagem Português

um forte abraço e parabéns pela atualização do Site.

Congratulations mvexel for the beautiful site of the desing was wonderful, very beautiful!

I am doing the translation of the Site into Portuguese from Brazil, I do not know if you have already seen the message that I put there in Git about the translation, I’m translating there in my git profile.

I hope in brief that the site may have the Portuguese language option

a big hug and congratulations for updating the Site.


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