Sneak Peek at New OpenStreetCam JOSM Plugin

Posted by mvexel on 30 November 2018 in English (English)

You probably already know that OpenStreetCam detects signs in the U.S. (other regions in development, you can help, we’re open source).

Until now, you would see something like this in JOSM if you enabled the signs layer in OSC

The upcoming new version introduces intelligent aggregation, so you’ll see this instead:

The updated plugin will be released very soon, and our JOSM developer Beata will write a blog post going into much more detail on Telenav’s ImproveOSM blog. We look forward to your feedback!

In the mean time, in this video from SOTM US 2018 you can learn the technical background on how we do the aggregation.

Background imagery source: Digital Globe Premium

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