Many Mappy Minutes

Posted by mvexel on 28 September 2017 in English (English)

In my last diary, I announced that I would be restarting the virtual Mappy Hour for US / North America mappers. We had our first edition tonight and I enjoyed it very much.

Around 10 people participated. Kate Chapman from OpenStreetMap US joined us to talk about the upcoming State of the Map US conference, which is only four weeks away. We chatted about a variety of interesting topics: welcoming new members, how people become interested in OSM, membership of the OSM Foundation, hack weekends, how to best announce OSM events, and many more things.

The plan was to have this be a mappy ‘hour’ but we ended up spending two hours talking. We came up with a new name: Many Mappy Minutes. We decided to organize it about once a month. The next Many Mappy Minutes will be on November 15, at 5:30pm Pacific Time. Zoom worked well, so we will continue to meet on there: . You can also dial in from a normal phone. I hope to talk to you then!

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