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Posted by mvexel on 21 January 2023 in English (English).

This is a crosspost from my blog.

I’ve been testing the latest alpha version of the RapiD editor. RapiD is a web-based editing environment for OpenStreetMap that incorporates special layers with map features from other sources you can easily copy over to OSM. Examples include Microsoft’s building footprint data, missing roads generated with machine learning, and open data from government GIS sources.

Because RapiD is not included in the dropdown menu where you can select an editor on the OpenStreetMap website, I created a few bookmarklets1 for myself that I hope come in handy for mappers who want to have quick access to RapiD. They are self-contained and don’t read any content from your browser other than the current URL. If you’re not currently on or actively editing in the default OSM web editor iD, the bookmarklets will simply do nothing at all.

I tested these bookmarklets in Firefox and Chrome. You can find the source code here. When a new version of RapiD comes out, I’ll do my best to update the bookmarklets.

  1. The bookmarklets are on a separate page, because this blog’s markdown parser has trouble with the javascript: links. 

Comment from mvexel on 22 January 2023 at 20:28

Interesting! For someone looking for a lightweight solution I still hope the bookmarklets are useful. For me personally, I’d rather have a 5 line JS bookmarklet in my bar than yet another extension.. Good to have options.

It looks like the maintainer of the OSM Smart Menu extension may need some help or perhaps it is unmaintained; most new issues don’t have comments and the last code commit is more than 1 year ago.

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