New ScoutSigns release - now with Mapillary power!

Posted by mvexel on 7 July 2015 in English (English). Last updated on 21 July 2015.

UPDATE We are working on getting the source code out as Open Source as well. I will post with more details when I have them.

ScoutSigns is a JOSM plugin developed by my colleagues here at Telenav that displays speed limit signs (and a few other types) as a layer in JOSM. These signs are detected by users of our global Scout app if they opted in and have their phone mounted on the windshield. This is a pretty good source of sign information ready to be mapped!


JOSM showing Scout detected signs in ScoutSigns in Hamburg, Germany

Recently, Mapillary started detecting all kinds of signs in their millions of user-uploaded street view images. What would make more sense than collaborating with them to display their detected traffic signs right along with ours in Scout Signs? That’s exactly what we did!


JOSM showing Scout (red) and Mapillary (blue) detected signs in ScoutSigns in Hamburg, Germany

With this new release, JOSM mappers can unleash the power of the fast growing Mapillary imagery right in your favorite OSM editor! I have updated the ScoutSigns manual with some details about the new Mapillary functionality.

I am excited to have worked with Mapillary to expose their fantastic number of recognized signs to the power JOSM mapping community! I am going to make this a brief blog post because I want to do some more speed limit mapping :)

If you have ScoutSigns installed already, it will update automatically the next time you start JOSM. If you haven’t tried ScoutSigns yet, look for it in the JOSM Plugins preference pane.

Happy mapping!

Comment from Chris Lawrence on 7 July 2015 at 20:51

Very exciting. Now the race is on between Telenav and Mapillary to get US speed limit sign recognition working. :)

Comment from escada on 8 July 2015 at 04:50

Nice, especially because there’s more Mapillary data in Belgium than Telenav data (I think).

Comment from malenki on 8 July 2015 at 20:34

I am unable to test it since with me it prevents JOSM from starting:

Comment from Skippern on 19 July 2015 at 18:03

Excellent news! I was surprised to suddenly see sniffed signs in my area, and the amount of them, appears that all of them are from my Mapillary contributions. Hope this will help improve the map data and community contributions.

Comment from mvexel on 21 July 2015 at 14:43

I received a few comments about the source code not being published - I just wanted you all to know that we are working on getting this out into the open. Thanks for your patience!

Comment from Chris Lawrence on 3 September 2015 at 06:14

Martijn - It looks like Mapillary has updated their sign naming convention a bit now that they’re recognizing more signs, which seems to make all their signs show up as question marks in the ScoutSigns plugin (they also disappear if both the Skobbler and Mapillary signs are enabled). Any chance of an update to fix this?

Comment from stepehen on 17 August 2016 at 12:20

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