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Distance to nearest building in North America 2 months ago


Extracting building height from drone imagery over 1 year ago

Wow this is amazing (*゚ロ゚)

Lupang Arenda drone mapping - part 1 over 1 year ago

wow this is nice, thanks for sharing.

Peru’s response to redaction over 2 years ago

Awesome work getting it back and nice write up :)

Changeset viewer plugin for JOSM almost 3 years ago

This is awesome, great job Ruben.

Visapur Hiking Route over 3 years ago

That looks nice.

10 years in OSM over 3 years ago

Congrats and best wishes :)

Look who's using openstreetmap over 6 years ago

Thats nice :) .It would be great if they too contributed to the osm.