Mapper since: July 22, 2018 foundation for th8 war Overall, this foundation is a kickass mix of shield Anti-Gowipe, Anti Hog and also Anti-drag war . The second town hall 8 war base is some thing brand new. Valkyries have cultivated extremely popular recently. And, with all the upgrade to Level 4, now they’ve cultivated very powerful too. With the capacity of ripping your own base into shreds, Valkyrie will be the idea of trouble jelqing. However, there’s not any requirement of fear because we understand where going to them. The tools set round the center of town hall 8 war base could continue to keep the Valkyrie diverted as well as though the attacker makes use of the Rage or Bound Spell, the Valkyrie wont proceed exactly where they need. Additionally, the multiple compartment characteristic of the bottom will increase a triumph.

This wide spread level 8 war base feature and resource ring may increase protecting against the Volume drag on strike too. The atmosphere guards using Air Sweepers will workout perfect for carrying the dragons down.

Giant Bombs placed throughout the bottom of the th8 war base is going to continue to keep the hogs from penetrating the center.