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access to / re-use of public sector information - EU survey over 7 years ago

Very useful, thanks for posting this. I filled out the form the best I could, re-iterating my views that public data should be completely open and free for everyone. Information wants to be free :-)

App Mashups & My New Love for OSM over 7 years ago

Welcome to OSM! I enjoyed reading your blog post, and I hope you will be able to blog much more about this fabulous project! A very interesting aspect of OSM is its use in disaster areas (Haiti, Pakistan) and its use for creation of maps in places where maps are otherwise not available (Gaza). I mention this, because it is a great subject for a blog-post (nudge-nudge :-)) Thanks for pointing us to the Apture plug-in!

Tidalflats: Renderer vs Tagging... almost 8 years ago

I agree with chriscf, tag for correctness, not for the renderer.

GPX files? about 8 years ago

I have a Garmin Legend Cx, it creates the GPX files, you just have to transfer them to the computer.