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Mapping Neighborhood yet Lost Fieldpapers

Posted by mjdurandar on 18 October 2018 in English (English)

Hi, we PUP san juan students had a very long day yet a happy and experienced day, out of 25 students today, only a few attend their session today, and I hope our instructor was not disappointed to us, but that is not gonna stop us for mapping, we map our neighbourhood as part of our assigned task in mapping, actually it was due last week, but our instructor gave us consideration due to heavy loads of projects, assignments and finals, we need to present our assignments and projects next week. Today we map our neighborhood yet Ive lost my fieldpapers, some of my classmates already map thier assigned task, and upload thier fieldpapers, but ive lost mine, so my instructor gave me considerations so I have to do it again, but Ive encountered problem, when I download my neighbourhood all i can see is black picture, so we really know theres a problem at some point, so I will just do it in my home. So that time i dont need to focus on just a single problem, what i did is map some maps, that needs mapping, so i can contribute to our projects, as ive seen my classmates mapping thier neighborhoods, ive observed that there are already familiar, and that helps them to have more friends on their streets, mapping is helping people to know where are going, but familiarity to streets where you live helps you to encounter more people that are polite and friendly, this day in mapping class helps us to be a better version of ourselves to be friendly in our neighbourhood, yet we mapped our neighbourhood, next week we will present everything we’ve done in mapping, cant wait to share all ive done to this organisation that let us helps people in different way.


Posted by mjdurandar on 26 August 2018 in English (English)

When I map my neighborhood, I felt so good helping others by mapping my neighborhood because there are so many places that is not specified or have names, just like our water station near in the corner I saw that it was named only water station but not the name of the company, I edit it and help others to know what water station it is. I like mapping my neighborhood, first time to help a community, btw sir if youre reading this im sorry if it is late. hehe, I love mapping.