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AI With Satellite Images for OpenStreetMap 4 months ago

My problem with ObjectRecognitionandDetectionSoftware (a.k.a AI) and mindless imports (import for sake of importing) fixing it take same or more time and effort then drawing from scratch. Defending (sad but all business defence for me sound like corporate shill talk) data dumps imports and mindless bot work and saying: map will be empty... kinda hurts. People like to fill empty (local) area and new mappers (some Pokemon Go) come to do that, not to fix imports. I donate my free time and work not for someone/thing dumping stuff on/around it (to dump - take a ----). Then so called AI or bots start helping not screwing around and messing data, which is publicly and openly available to USE, can we keep it gated somewhere? Please?

So many imports left to fix and so much left to map in the world. Cheers

The joy and sadness of open data 7 months ago

Time and time some one write how armchair mapping is "bad" but "real" mapping is good. If not so called armchair mapping (don't put bot or auto mapping here yet) what size and quality maps we have today? How much you can map on foot/bike and who can afford make "real" surveys? I am not. Ok, you survey you neighbourhood. Then what? Would be great if surveys was just "jump to you mapper boots and go". Its take time and finances, it can be hazardous, you can't go where you want and trace what you want. This armchair mapping "demonizing" sound so... elitist. I for boots on the ground mapping too, but it's just i don't know.... pipe dream? Its costly and limited. Fun? Yes, but i rather go for a walk and relax and went my head from real life crap. Surveys need effort otherwise its just random POIs and same roads mapped millions time previously.