Facebook is releasing an update to Daylight, our complete, downloadable preview of OpenStreetMap data.

📥 Download Daylight Map Distribution right now in OpenStreetMap PBF format: 📦 planet-v0.2.osm.pbf (56GB).

Earlier this year, Facebook released Daylight as part of our work with OpenStreetMap. We use maps to let our users find friends, businesses, groups and much more. OpenStreetMap (OSM), the open source wiki map, has a substantial global footprint of map data built and maintained by a dedicated community of global mappers making OSM a natural choice for Facebook.

Every day, our mapping teams work to confirm OSM’s millions of community contributions for consistency and quality by excluding intentional and unintentional edits that are incompatible with our use cases. Daylight is the result of that process.

Daylight Map Distribution

With this second release, we’ve also collaborated with the Microsoft Building Footprints project on an extension to Daylight. This extension includes buildings detected from aerial imagery in the United States, Canada, Uganda, and Tanzania. These building datasets were conflated with this Daylight Map Distribution to only add missing footprints, and provided as a changeset to Daylight in OSC format. Users of Daylight can now easily expand coverage to include additional AI-generated building footprints not found in OSM or mapped via the RapiD editor. Microsoft provides the building footprint data under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL).

📥 Download Microsoft ML Buildings right now in OpenStreetMap OSC format: 📦 ms-ml-buildings-v0.2.osc.bz2 (9.9GB).

After our initial announcement of Daylight, the community asked about future plans. With this second release, we plan to establish a regular cadence of releases tracking OSM changes into the future, to ensure that upstream changes to OSM are available with minimal delay.

  • Daylight planet files are composed of 100% OSM data, released under the terms of the Open Database License
  • We’ve checked public OSM changes contained in the distribution, and allowed only those which have been evaluated through validation algorithms and manual processes against commonly identified use-cases to provide the best mapping experience to our display maps
  • We publish the data in PBF and OSC formats, common file formats universally supported by OSM tools and already used for planet-scale file distribution

How To Reach The Team

If you have any questions about this data distribution, we have created a #daylightdistro_feedback Slack channel in OSM US. Members of the team will be there periodically to answer questions. You can also email the team at

Learn more about the technology behind our process from our engineering team:

Download Daylight Map Distribution files in OSM-compatible formats:

If you’ve benefited from OpenStreetMap data in your work, consider joining the OSM Foundation as a voting member to help steer the future of this global open data project!

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Comment from gileri on 17 July 2020 at 09:34

Thank you for sharing this project

Comment from dieterdreist on 26 July 2020 at 14:03

Can you please explain in more detail which kind of edits you remove? Is it about names, geometry or additional tags? Are political boundaries for every recognized country contained? Are there countries where the contained boundaries have to be swapped with a different set for legal reasons, and if yes, are these alternative boundaries also contained?

Comment from migurski on 4 September 2020 at 05:17

Hi dieterdreist, we’ve posted an update to Daylight in where we commit to exposing the specific OSM tags considered for distribution in Daylight. For Facebook’s use, we’re required to meet certain legal standards in jurisdictions around the world so we don’t use OSM boundary definitions.

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