Mapper since: May 17, 2015

I live btwn Aberdeen and Forfar and I like maps a lot. I edit this as a distraction/hobby I suppose. I’m a communist.

My mapping interests/focuses include: the Edinburgh, Angus and Aberdeen areas; the Gaelic and Scots languages; common land; historic sites such as mercat crosses; foot paths; parks and nature reserves. The rare occasions when I map outside Scotland are usually: in Ireland, and/or something to do with minority/endangered languages/cultures.

Tha beagan Gàidhlig agam agus tha mi a’ mapachadh àiteachan sa Ghàidhlig. B’ fheàrr leam gun robh a h-uile ainm-àite sna h-Eileanan Siar sa Ghàidhlig, oir tha i an cànan as cudromaiche sna h-Eileanan. (I speak a bit of Gaelic and I map places in Gaelic. I want every place name in the Western Isles to be in Gaelic, because it is the most important language in the Isles.)