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My would-be answers to the OSMF board survey 8 months ago

Thank you for the quality of your message, I fully agree with what you describe. I don’t think I will publish a list of my answers and suggestions for improving the questions, the answer to my previous message (despite my too direct tone) gave me an impression of “shut up and approve” instead of “thank you for the suggestions, we will discuss it again next time”.

about question S1, - dominant language: apart from the use of a neutral language (Esperanto or equivalent) which far too few people know, how do you see any concrete improvement ? - Western culture: how do you see an improvement given that each election is held “from 0”, inevitably limiting the election of people from under-represented cultures/countries, which in the end means that they are not represented at all

The 2021 OSMF Survey of the OSM community has been activated 8 months ago

Thanks for your reply, I did not say that the local chapters did not receive the information, I said “not received or not transmitted”, isn’t it ? (and indeed it is not the fault of the Board if a local chapter is slow to react. perhaps board members should have at least posted on the local lists where they are active).

for translations, I understand that it’s an big work. but either the Board thinks it’s important to include links to the wiki so that people get informed (and in this case these links deserve to be translated into some important languages, you made a call to translate the form, why didn’t you point out in time that help was also needed for these links ? yes the community will maybe translate a part of it, it will have to be done urgently, despite some people started to vote without having the necessary information for an enlightened opinion, what quality of result can you expect ?), or the Board felt that it was so unimportant to inform non-English speakers that they did not ask the community for help before the survey began… this is my current feeling.

The fact that you say that only the email is collected or reply “sophisticated enough to known what we do with it” does not fix the missing legal (in many countries) notice of this service. the fact that you seem to believe that your answer fix the issue shows the magnitude of the problem. I’m “sophisticated enough” to know that regulations such as GDPR exist and that even in countries where it does not apply, it is a good thing to put some information about the service, something better than “no link on the service page” and “welcome to ngix” on the main page of the domain.

I feel like you’re telling me you’ve done everything perfect. strange reply for community feedback. I hope you will reconsider when the time comes to draw conclusions about this funny survey.

The 2021 OSMF Survey of the OSM community has been activated 8 months ago

translated in French

untranslated diary, no information on the main page (who is hosting and what is the privacy policy? this is a mandatory minimum in many countries), wiki pages to learn about a topic are all untranslated, document on Google Doc, question much too general to provide a useful answer, request not send to local chapter or local chaptrer doesn’t post it on local list, it is not a community survey, it is a vote among English speakers reading the right channels of communication, my only conclusion is that the board will have to improve on this issue

iD editor: It is time for us to end this abusive relationship almost 2 years ago was built by patching a still unreleased iD v3 version

no, it’s done on v2.15

doesn’t provide any way to file any issues on its own

he’s using

History of all Tags about 3 years ago

@tyr_asd did you have a POC to test your idea of a weekly/daily run ? - what’s the memory requirement and cpu usage for the current script ? - with an already minutly-updated OSM DB, what would be the little extra processing cost to produce deltas of the counts of tags you need ? did you have alreay the script or need to create it ? - I like the idea of using taginfo to avoid the need to parse twice the same file for the same king of info… but I understand that this may need additional dev time

Nominatim and Postcodes over 3 years ago

Thank you for these improvements.

what is the first level taken into account ? one sentence suggests that it is the road (“the most specific part of the address, the street”), another suggests that it is the building (“add addr:postcode tags to the handful of houses).