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Auto roads, part 3 over 4 years ago

I would love to play with this if you need anyone to do some testing for you. I'm doing a lot of tracing round the SW of Ireland and the contrast if very high between the green fields and the tarmac so it might be an easier test bed

Google Map Maker about 5 years ago

The whole "betamax was better than VHS" thing is a myth

Beijing Climate about 5 years ago


My First Diary Entry about 5 years ago


Historical view of openstreetmap about 5 years ago

Thanks guys. Obviously not as easy a question as I thought

Bing Maps updated. about 5 years ago

Very exciting. Huge swathes of SW Ireland are now visible

"UAV could map archeological sites in a fraction of the time currently required" almost 6 years ago


Island problem almost 6 years ago

Thanks for that. The administrative relation was there before I started so I can't really comment on that

Just so I understand - by multipolygon does this mean that there are multiple objects that relate to each other? I'm not really sure I understand the concept, but I can see what you did on the map. Is there a webpage that easily explains this?


Leaving Oklahoma, and a question about mapping autonomous regions almost 8 years ago

This has been in the news recently

A way to use Getmapping imagery about 9 years ago

All sounds like derived works to me, which I thought was a no-no.

First contact with OSM about 9 years ago

Welcome and happy mapping!

Can't see my recent additions about 9 years ago

If you zoom out, they normally show up within an hour or two now. There was an announcement here

Hiking, Caching and Mapping around Ardingly...15/03/2009 about 9 years ago

That sounds like a top day out. I spent the day working in an office in Central London with no natural light 8-(

Stories like this make me glad I'm expatriating about 9 years ago

Where would you go? I remember Indian politicians making the same noise after the recent terrorist attacks over there.

The reason you hear less noise from European politicians on this subject is not because they're more intelligent, it's because the US owns all the satellites and would tell them to get lost anyway. The UK military have been making peeved noises about google maps only this week

Amesbury & Boscombe Down about 9 years ago

I was bored and just did some 8-)

Old GPS I no longer use about 9 years ago

Hi Etienne,

Following on from the first post from farrpau, I had a email discussion with Andy Robinson and said I'd send it off to him there

Best Regards


Comin along nicely about 9 years ago

Wow, that's amazing for someone who's only just signed up!

newbeee about 9 years ago


Driveways about 9 years ago

I'm in central France at the moment, and all the driveways are on the Tomtom I've got. They're really useful when you're navigating.

I'd say leave them in

Hello over 9 years ago

Welcome 8-)