Canada Road network 2015 - StatCan Open Data

Posted by manoharuss on 4 August 2016 in English (English)

Sharing this open dataset of Canada road networks from the Canada Open data website. The wiki mentions Statistics Canada(StatCan) as one of the data sources, but the StatCAN wiki page, provides a link to an outdated portal where road data is available only until 2010.


The data quality and technical specifications of this 2015 dataset is detailed in the new StatCAN page.

The road network supplied includes road classes, road names, city etc. Through a preliminary look in QGIS I have these findings.

screenshot 2016-08-04 14 53 51 Coverage as seen on QGIS, road classification on the left

The road classification is represented in numbers in theclass attribute. screenshot 2016-08-03 14 54 03 Major highways are given under class 12 in the attribute table

Data Quality

There were few concerns on OSM wiki page of StatCan regarding geometry of the roads. But the wiki page seem to be outdated and the concerns were in regards to the older data (2010). The geometry of the roads in this data set seem to align with the OSM layer in QGIS.

screenshot 2016-08-04 14 06 51 Roads in Toronto overlayed on OSM layer in QGIS

screenshot 2016-08-04 14 46 18 The street names on the data seem to be same as on OSM as well

screenshot 2016-08-03 15 00 53 Coverage in Toronto without OSM background

This seems like a great dataset to evaluate the quality of data and coverage of roads in Canada. Would be great to hear from the Canadian OSM community of any previous work using this dataset that can be taken forward.

Comment from scruss on 4 August 2016 at 20:04

Statcan aggregate data from NRCan and other sources. So this is only as good as the CanVec and other data sets we already have access to.

Mappers have also found that some of these roads aren’t quite right on the ground, and have updated the map appropriately. Similarly, mappers have corrected many connectivity errors in the raw Canadian data set to improve routing. The Statcan data won’t have any of these improvements.

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