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zinc sulfate locates in Rech Chemical Co. Ltd over 4 years ago

All the sudden i feel the urge to buy some zinc sulfate.... Ads really do work.

Wege mit GPS-Daten in die Karte einf├╝gen about 5 years ago

Vielleicht kannst du schonmal hiermit starten


OSM Stamp over 5 years ago

wow, this is so cool.

todo strassenname ende florian geyer over 5 years ago

Try this one next time if you want to record notes for yourself/others

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) uses OSM maps almost 7 years ago

ok, they changed it. I swear it was an OSM map before!

Progress and stagnation in Great Britain road data almost 7 years ago

@chilly: Fair point. When I compared OSM with OS Locator data, I find most roads (except small courts) already in OSM, but the names are missing. For navigation missing road names can be a problem thou.

@smudge: click on one of the less mapped regions


Great Briain completely mapped in less than a year? about 7 years ago

I don't know. I have the feeling that some of the areas are rather just traced, seeing the sudden progress of some districts. It's true that OS data has errors, but as long as people do not start to rename streets according to the OS data it is fine. Better to have a misspelled street names than none. Second and third node edits by locals will clear eventual mistakes.

I agree that it would be better to gather the local community to make it more sustainable for the future. On the other hand, it won't keep people from tracing satellite imagery and fill in names from the OS Data. This has lead to lot's of improvements and can lead to great coverage (e.g. Haiti). Looking at the Gb district data, some are shockingly sparsely mapped.Places like Hastings, City of Plymouth and so on are just at the 50% mark, which is very bad for a populated place.

Great Briain completely mapped in less than a year? about 7 years ago

Cheers for your comments. Yes, always take it with a grain of salt. I am sure there are mistakes in OS Locator, but I am also sure there are not many (maybe <0.1%?).

I don't think that we will end up with a permanent 42 days to completion, since a lot of people take the district data from ITO world as an encouragement to improve their area and push it up the rankings. We will end up a bit short of zero, because of the aforementioned errors in OS locator. In the end there is a finite number of streets in GB.
On the other hand, I agree that the entire map will never be completed (POIs, tracks, landuse...), since people are making up new features that can be referenced.

I think the reference date it probably the 1/1/1970, commonly seen as zero in UNIX time, but it doesn't really matter for the calculation.

Sorry about the axis, I'll fix it.

Gravesham moves up again! about 7 years ago

Gravesham is not the only place that made progress. Have a look at these stats

Someone has vandalized OSM over 7 years ago

cheers for fixing. they should bring back the drag warning in potlach 2.

Benennung von Wegen over 7 years ago

map featueres gibt es auch auf deusch

Spam zu neuer Lizenz over 7 years ago

i received an email like this recently and i found it very helpful. i knew about the license change, but i did not know that i had to agree to it somewhere. so if nobody had informed me, i would have never agreed to it. no reason to be upset about it, nobody puts you under pressure. it is only for your information

Tesco Changes in Newtown, Powys, UK over 7 years ago

there is also lots to draw from Bing Imagery. I drew some roads in in the area, but I don't know any of the names. Have a go.

Roads in China about 8 years ago

I can see your G321 motorway, from Zhongshan stopping before Daliang

Roads in China about 8 years ago

you might have the old cached tiles in the browser. Delete the cache (or make a permalink) and click on refresh

OSM Karte drucken over 8 years ago

or this should be even better

OSM Karte drucken over 8 years ago

why don't you use the export tab? You can select the area and the scale. Your printer will adjust it to an A4 page in the end

Openstreetmap in the news, 05 Jan 2010 over 8 years ago

why is it still not committed to the database? The project is finished and the data is there. It makes no sense. Check it out:

Kibera remains a blank spot...

Point of Interest Statistics POI over 8 years ago

Updated POI statistics. POIs without names are now included

Point of Interest Statistics POI over 8 years ago

I linked it here:
Can I directly host the hmtl page in the wiki? It does not allow me to upload any html documents