Cleaning Up Errors, i.e. Almost junctions and missing junctions

Posted by mannequinZOD on 2 November 2009 in English (English)

Cleaned up more than a 100 mapping errors (only missing junction nodes) in the Cambridge, UK area, one of the 'better' mapped places. There are still plently left further outside the city.
Look at and display all junction errors in your neighbourhoor. You will be surprised. The rendered map might look quite nice already, but it's ugly underneath

Location: Market Ward, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, East of England, England, United Kingdom

Comment from Buadhai on 2 November 2009 at 04:52

Do you know how often the database of errors is updated? It would be nice to know how often to check back.

Comment from mannequinZOD on 2 November 2009 at 16:36

according to the wiki page once a week

Comment from Fabi2 on 2 November 2009 at 16:52

Quote from the page:
I'm proud to announce that finally the first run for The United States of America is finished. Keepright now covers all of the planet!
The procedure took 12 days to complete, so please be patient for the next update to come in (almost) two weeks."

Comment from Kevin Steinhardt on 2 November 2009 at 18:40

It's probably only a few, but how do you know that some of these 'almost-junctions' are not actually two separate nodes and which don't form a junction? It's not really worth mentioning, but if someone used routing software, it's better to not route them somewhere where a mapping error has been made -- albeit a slight one and probably accidental.

Comment from mannequinZOD on 2 November 2009 at 18:51

you have to be indeed careful. Working on an area you know or having satellite images helps :-) In doubt, don't 'mis'fix it.

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