Importing collected waypoints II or: another CSV2OSM-script

Posted by malenki on 12 September 2013 in English (English)

(This is the continuation of Importing collected waypoints I)

Now you have a complete list with lat;lon;key;value (and maybe some more key;values).
Next step: convert the csv file to osm data. For this writeup I just wrote a small script to avoid my even more ugly oneliners and to have my efforts saved to be reused the next time I need this functionality.
so run
$ appended_lower_sort.csv > output.osm

Better save then sorry, so create a backup of the file created: $ cp output.osm output.osm.bckp

Open this file with JOSM - the easiest way is also the bash:
$ josm output.osm

Now tackle the data region by region. Do it like this:

  • copy a handful of POI
  • create a new datalayer
  • paste the POI
  • download the data for that region
  • review the POI: adjust them using aerial imagery or GPS data, check for already existing objects and so on
  • upload
  • delete the active datalayer
  • delete the still marked POI from the original datalayer you copied them from
  • press ctrl-s to save your progress of wading through the data of output.osm

Go on until no data in the output.osm file is left and enjoy yourself. :)

Location: SH81, Sarandë, Vlorë County, 9701, Albania

Comment from escada on 13 September 2013 at 03:50

I use a similar approach, however I wrote a python script that transforms the gpx file with the waypoints immediately into an osm file. During this translation I also expand the short notation into the proper OSM tags (e.g. BK --> amenity=bench, L20+-+28 --> 5 nodes with building=house;addr:housenumber=20 + building=house;addr:housenumber=22 ... up to 28 etc.

I add the extra information that you add in OpenOffice, immediately in JOSM.

You can find my script at The explanation is in Dutch, but it's about the script.

Feel free to adapt if you find this useful.

Comment from malenki on 13 September 2013 at 17:49

Thanks for your comment - your script looks very useful for self-diciplined mappers or a dedicated mapping task. But during my holidays I collect a big variety of things so I cannot say I'd replace $A with $B.

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