Zvērā Festival 2009 (Latvia)

Posted by liftarn on 27 July 2009 in English (English)

This weekend I visited the Zvērā Festival in Latvia. I saw a lot of bands and generally had a good time. I also had some time to go sightseeing in both Riga and Ventspils. Of course I also made a few logs of various roads. I also manager to get a few traces of the ferry lines Stockholm-Riga and Ventspils-Nynäshamn and I have some advice for people wanting to do such traces.
* Get a cabin with a window. That way you don't have to hang around in the bar all night.
* Use a logger connected to net power. That way you don't get into problems because the battery of your GPS receiver runs out.

Before the trip I looked at the mapping status of Latvia and noticed that Riga and Ventspils is well mapped, but Liepaja still needs some work, but Latvia seems to be getting along nicely. When I checked earlier a lot of info was missing that is now fixed.

Location: Celmenieki, Bukupe, Saldus novads, Courland, Latvia

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