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Mapperley’s Lime Tree Gardens Soakaway about 4 years ago

It’s always interesting to find something like this which needs a bit of extra knowledge to be able to map it correctly.

You could use man_made=pumping_station for the pumping station (I think waterworks is more for water treatment places).

Make OSM-Carto brighter over 4 years ago

Thanks for testing these darker colours, it’s good to move away from the pastel shades towards something nicer on the eye. :)

PS Should parks even have a fill colour? If mappers map out all the grass areas, pitches, playgrounds etc there should only be need for an outline and name.

Legacy Road Colours for OpenStreetMap Carto over 5 years ago

Looks good. I’d probably make the motorway blue a little darker so it looks less watery and somehow make the yellow on green easier to read.