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Bichelangelo and GPS Traces as Pictures almost 3 years ago

Thank you for sharing the find. Had seen GPS tracks by ships and aeroplanes, drawing hearts for Valentines’. Impressed that this user visualised a dinosaur / T-rex like shape on the map.

Uploaded three tracks , my first ever , please let me know what could have been done better almost 5 years ago

Philippec, sorry to have missed … .

Have taken photos, with Lumia smartphone with is Windows 8.1. Mapillary only offers apps for Android and Apple, not Windows/phone, unfortunately. May at some point get a low-priced Android 7” or 10” tablet with GPS just to run Mapillary for photos, as I already own a Garmin Oregon 600 for the tracks. Additional advantage would be larger screen to scrutinize existing map. On the other hand, once OneDrive can be made to show only OSM related photos on a map, that would be as good when it comes to illustrating / ‘proving’ points, I’d assume?