Awareness in a calamity

Posted by kin maximus on 12 February 2019 in English (English)

Today, the discussion is all about the preparedness of our baranggay in a calamity that might happen in the future. As I heard from them, their community was prepared as if the disaster will happen soon. They do have interviews with their local officials such as kagawad of their baranggay for some important details about the plans. I believe in our baranggay, they do have plans on disasters but I don’t think that it can respond immediately in all areas in Pinagbuhatan Our baranggay is huge with large number of people not just like in Manila were baranggays are small. But it seems that even our community are lack of it, they make sure that all citizens are aware in the calamity. As I remember during my junior high school days, most likely, the school always does an earthquake drills for preparation for the disaster. Ambulance, fire trucks and others cooperate with this drill. The teachers always remind where should we go in case of disaster that might happen and what should we bring always with us such as whistle, flashlight and first aid kit. Also, the local officials conduct some seminars regarding with this situation for parents and students. And for floods, sirens are heard so that everyone alerting in case of evacuation, especially in our area that’s near from the river.

I realize that awareness in our family should be discussed and plan for the preparation in any disaster that may come specially for family safeness. It is important because it may lessen or prevent the possibility of accident within our family members. As I remember, my parents told us to bring important documents in evacuating to prevent further loss of it. But we don’t have any preparations other than that. We don’t know where should we gather if we away from each other after the calamity happen. Communication is a must when planning in this situation and cooperation of everyone in the family. We should talk about the plans for disasters so that no one in the family will worry too much and know what to do in a disaster.

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