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Now mapping in Los Baños almost 9 years ago

If the [in-car] OSM based routing systems worked off [near-]live data then the police could utilise this by marking closed roads (due to accidents or whatever) as such - resulting in having less traffic to 'manually' divert from those accidents.
This may involve a bit of work, but it would surely be worth it.

New maps in progress for Costa Rica almost 9 years ago

Regarding your father in law, I think the word you are looking for is "cartographer" ;-)
I'm looking forward to seeing the map of Costa Rica get better!

sorry - a real sick navigation :-(((( almost 9 years ago

Not wanting to sound harsh, but...
do we need some type of gibberish to english translator to find out what you're complaining out?

gps unit for sale on ibood almost 9 years ago

it was :(

garmin description tag about 9 years ago

for phone number, just tag it as phone=+1414.....

there are more ideas at

A little posting from co. Claire ireland and Princeton, BC almost 10 years ago

Sorry but I can't help myself: Gort is actually in county Galway - and there's no 'i' in the english name for an Clár. I hope you enjoyed your time over here!