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JOSM scripting plugin: be a power user! about 4 years ago

Can I presume it isn't possible to commit changes using the plugin? I'm just a little wary of mistakes/typos being committed "by brute force".

There's irony in here somewhere, considering "my" Services_OpenStreetMap project, which does allow commits etc! :-D

Вторая пензенская картовечеринка almost 5 years ago

I like the idea of those stickers, very clever. Is there a source/PDF for them?

The Marble Arch Mapping Party almost 5 years ago

Not boring at all, Harry. What's the music you've got on in the background for the "turbo mapping" portion of the video, btw?

Experience almost 7 years ago

I tend to carry a few of these around with me most of the time, just on the off-chance that I might need them.

Contributing about 7 years ago

Sounds like a good idea.

symbian about 7 years ago

piazza Fascitelli Santa Lucia over 7 years ago


How to introduce new streets? over 7 years ago

If you mean you're going to copy over portions from the "google map" for your area when you say "not worry about licenses" please don't: you'll be infringing copyright and we'll just have to delete what you've added.

test over 7 years ago

Test Failed. Reboot Imminent.

Max Registry Cleaner almost 8 years ago


Working on the Zoo almost 8 years ago

I hope the grey wolf enclosure is still there! 10 years since I was there and remember it vividly.

Nike Grid - maps secretly based on OSM about 8 years ago

It certainly would be nice/useful for them to attribute OpenStreetMap for what they have done - at the very least we could use it as free advertising for the project. That said, John Smith probably has a valid point. Perhaps we just need to gently educate their legal dept?

Numbering houses about 8 years ago

I tend to bring along a few printouts of one of these 'posters' with me and given one to anyone that asks what I'm doing.

Firebrand Fire Poker about 8 years ago

I don't think this actually is spam. kiwia's solo entry is for Arrowtown near Queensland Lakes in NZ, which is where the company behind the linked website is based. Harshness thy name is lyx :D

openstreetmap in local media over 8 years ago

thanks - I had some mapping friends proof read it for me and took their suggestions on board.

coburg north - the final frontier over 8 years ago

nice to see someone else picking up the ball around Melbourne ;)

Diary Entry over 8 years ago


cant get into map over 8 years ago

get an OSM hiviz vest and wear it while mapping the park, strutting around as though you own the park - and pay security their wages.
they'll spot the hiviz vest and think you're doing something official ;-)

Newbie on a Road Trip! almost 9 years ago

you could probably use whereami or maemo mapper on the n810 for both logging tracks and for seeing what portions of the area are already in OpenStreetMap.

Lamp posts (tagging question) almost 9 years ago

there are probably asset number tags on them too - I'd imagine asset=# ??