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Keeping OSM up to date with OSMfocus over 3 years ago

Fantastic app, easy and on the spot. Just became my favourite "is this shop still open?" app :)

Only sucks a little bit when values are lengthy (as sometimes the case with opening hours) as boxes become too wide. Apparently there is no limit to box width and no text line breaking.

I love it so much, if it could easily edit (add+modify) tags+values for existing geometry, it would be a perfect lightweight POI editor. At least for people like us knowing the tagging scheme good enough.

* So that is what inaccessible road is! over 5 years ago

Problem with road areas

Just tried it with my neighborhood, and first match was a wrong positive, I believe:

is reported as inaccessible, but is connected via

which, admittedly, is a highway area. Is it possible that the router ignores highway areas?

In all other respects a very nice and handy tool, but with Opera (V12), it does not automatically load the area into JOSM, but I have to click on the link, which is not really an issue.