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Liegenschaftskarten ftw! over 4 years ago

Ahh ok, danke. So weit bin ich in der Blogübersicht nicht runtergescrollt gewesen :)

Liegenschaftskarten ftw! over 4 years ago

Mal ne andere (wichtige) Frage: Wie sieht das mit der Lizenz aus?

OpenLoveMap: Ein Projekt für mehr Liebe about 5 years ago

Das ist ja wohl voll bekloppt :D

GCHQ at British embassy in Berlin over 5 years ago

Ich stimme dir (Kays) vollkommen zu. Ich musste zwar erst darüber schmunzeln, dass das jemand da eingetragen hat, aber ich hätte wohl gleich gehandelt wie du. Sowas hat in OSM einfach nichts zu suchen.

==Englisch Version== I agree with you, Kays. Well, I had to smile first, when I read about that tag, but overall that is nothing that has a place in OSM. I would have deleted it accordingly.

Hausnummern mappen und "Internetverweigerer" almost 6 years ago

Kleine Ergänzung: OsmPad gibt’s wohl auch für Android! :)

Hausnummern mappen und "Internetverweigerer" almost 6 years ago

Haha, nette Erfahrungen hast du da :D

Also ich mach’s immer mit der iPhone App “OSMPad” - anfangs muss man sich zwar ein wenig an die für ein iPhone ungewöhnliche Bedienung gewöhnen (kein Multitouch-Zoom, Marken werden nicht durch langes draufdrücken gesetzt, sondern durch verschieben des gewünschten Kartenteils in die Mitte unter das “Zielkreuz” usw.), aber dann stellt sich die App als sehr effizient und empfehlenswert heraus. Auch das Übertragen der Daten auf den PC ist nachher sehr effizient, da die Straße, Stadt usw. schon in der *.osm-Datei enthalten sind.

Ich star also wie “so ein typischer Jugendlicher Handyjunkie” auf mein iPhone und schaue ab und an ganz unbeteiligt in der Gegend rum (und schaue dabei auf die Hausnummern). Damit kann ich ca. 99% der Hausnummern ziemlich gut und genau erfassen ohne aufzufallen (manchmal, wenn ich mit dem Eintragen zu langsam bin, bleib ich auch kurz stehen, so als wäre ich irritiert von dem, was mein Handy anzeigt). Also bisher wurde ich mit meiner Methode (die eigentlich glaube ich sogar noch schneller geht als handschriftliches Notizen machen) nie gefragt oder auch nur schief angeschaut. Naja, vielleicht war auch das Wetter Schuld… es hat ja fast immer geregnet, genieselt oder sah zumindest danach aus ;) Aber auf Einfahrten bin ich nie gelaufen. Wenn die Leute ihre Hausnummern so anbringen, dass ich sie (ohne Brille) von der Straße aus nicht lesen kann - und das kann ich bei ca. 97% - haben sie Pech gehabt. Obwohl man ja in manchen Fällen auch einfach im Kopf die Lücke füllen kann ;) Nur a, b und c und sowas finde ich immer doof, da muss ich dann immer schätzen.

Tja, wie auch immer: Ich kenne diese Leute, für die “das Internet” irgendwie nur was “Böses” sein kann. Ich musste gerade etwas schmunzeln, als ich mir überlegt habe, dass das einerseits vermutlich genau diese Leute sind, die Google Maps nutzen (und es gewohnt sind, an die richtige Hausnummer gelotzt zu werden), andererseits aber was gegen OSM-Mapper haben -.- Tja, manchen Leuten kann man es halt nie recht machen ;) (ich hoffe, dass du seine “durchgestrichene” Hausnummer trotzdem eingetragen hast, einfach schon aus Prinzip, oder?) :D

Achja, mir fällt gerade noch eine gute Tarnung ein: Du musst Zeitungsausträger werden, dann fragt dich keiner, was du auf seinem Grundstück machst ;)

Just tried the new iD OSM Editor... almost 6 years ago

@jfire: Still really slow at FF 21 under Windows 7 64 Bit (German). However under Chrome it is “usable” now… that means: Dragging the map around is very responsive but then rendering the new lines / houses / etc. is still very slow and needs a couple of seconds - and still it will result in very high CPU-usage…

The demo page in your last comment works very fast on chrome - it renders with about 60.5 Frames per second. On Firefox it is reeallly slow in comparison and the fps won’t be shown. There is only a questionmark (–> “?”) :/

Is that diary? almost 6 years ago

Well… this “really” is a diary or the better description would be “blog” - because everyone can read your entries. They show up at

Here you can write about new things on openstreetmap, what goals you have reached or which problem you have experienced while editing the map (well, in that case, sometimes the forum is the better place to ask: ).

Happy mapping! :)

Just tried the new iD OSM Editor... almost 6 years ago

BTW: I have installed Chrome for testing purposes only and therefore I haven’t installed any Addons there.

And now I have tried to create a new Firefox profile without any Addons - now noticable difference :/

Maybe the HTML5 things are missing hardware acceleration which (for some reason) works on MacOS? I’m wondering if iD is making use of WebGL?

Just tried the new iD OSM Editor... almost 6 years ago

@jfire: I’ve tied it in chrome incognito mode which results in a little better performace but still it’s too slow to be fun to use…

Your question about zoom values where iD is still usable: at zoom 18 it is still more or less fluent (maybe not as good as Potlatch but still usable) on an average area. One Problem making it “look slow” is that it only renders black areas at the first moment when panning around and not even showing background pictures… in zoom level 17 it already lags too much.

I also tried it in Internet Explorer (eww!!) but it doesn’t to work at all with this “great” :/ browser (just displays a blank page). Anyways, that’s not really important for now ;)

Well… that you all are using MacOS could be a reason. But are you all using Safari for testing? Otherwise I cannot believe that there is such a big difference between using Firefox on MacOS or Windows or Linux… However, you could try a dual boot system with Ubuntu Linux (I would suggest 12.04 LTS as it is more stable) - it’s for free and as far as I know it runs quite well on Macs, so there is no reason why not to try iD under Ubuntu ;)

I will try launching Firefox without any Addons as soon as a Download I have running at the moment has ended ;)

Just tried the new iD OSM Editor... almost 6 years ago

@jFire: I’m VERY happy that an iD developer answers this diary entry! Thanks a lot for that :) Of course I am happy to help :) - as I said I like the design and the concept of the iD editor very much. Well, it seems like not everyone is experiencing my problems as there are a lot of enthusiastic people about the new editor…

First of all: It makes no difference for me if I use Firefox oder Chrome (both times: newest version).

My Computer: Windows 7 - 64 Bit 8 GB of RAM AMD Phenom II X4 965 Nvidia 8600GT Gigabyte Mainboard (don’t know the exact model at the moment but I don’t think this makes a difference)

However it’s the same with my Thinkpad X230 with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32 Bit (Intel i5 with Ivy Bridge Graphics and 8GB of RAM) (to be honest: On my Thinkpad it is even more unusable and it’s the first piece of software which did not run fluently on my i5…)

I made a video to show what the idEditor acts like for me :( Even the music playing playing in a Flash-Player-Widget in another Tab hangs from time to time :/

(note that I tried to pan the view most of the time - for example when moving the mouse cursor in “circles”, the left mouse button was clicked all the time - and the view didn’t pan at all) - and sorry for the bad quality ;)

New iD Editor almost 6 years ago

For me it is reaaaaalllyy slow… is that different for you?

HELP needed in fixing the map / [RESOLVED] almost 6 years ago

As far as I know, JOSM has a changeset revert plugin that lets you revert changes. Otherwise open the map in Potlatch 2, select to broken way and press “h” which pops up a “history” window :) Anyway it’s a good idea to contact Danzelot first and talk to him. Often breaking the map isn’t on purpose and once I had a similiar issue, the user didn’t even know about the problem ;)

Katzentanzlied over 6 years ago

Miau! ;D

The new Apple maps for iPhone Icon is interesting to say the least over 6 years ago

Fail! :D if your take a closer look at the app icon and compare the map to “real world streets” it really looks impossible, this turn ;D

Rostocker Hausnummern Sprint 90% - Bald geschafft! almost 8 years ago

Glückwunsch :-) Sieht echt cool aus *thumbs up*

Einbahnstraßen over 9 years ago

(der Pfeil befindet sich unten links)

TopOSM US - A Progress update over 9 years ago


Even when I can't use it (I am living in Europe ^^), I must say: I it amazing! The mapstyle is just gorgeous! I really wonder why noone else could do this stuff? Therefore it MUST be a LOT of work and I must really say: *thumbs up*!!!
The map just looks like... A real map, a commercial one! When I had a quick look over it there were no render errors (I couldn't find any) :-) You have done really well also in the way how the zoom level settings are (different colours (colour = British English spelling of "color" - that's the way we learn it in Germany ^^ Just that you don't think it is a spelling mistake :-P )of streets (higher contrast) and many other ideas you used to design a really well made map - even some commercial maps are not made that well - I just couldn't find any bad aspects about it :-D )...

YOU have shown all, in my opinion, *how* a good and well considered map must look like! I really would like to see this also for Europe! I know, you don't even have the USA done (and I don't know how it looks about the used data sets - are they all available for Europe as well? I don't know much about this...) but with your superb wiki pages I hope other users (with experience; who know more about these things than "normal, simple mappers" like me) will help you and are being encouraged to do this for Europe, too.

Thank you a lot for all your work and time you put into this! I think, you deserved A LOT of respect!

x over 9 years ago


Asbestos Dump in my backyard over 9 years ago

ok, just read about EPA thing ^^