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New York Long Path about 2 years ago

I don't think you need a Strava account to use the data for mapping. They provide their data as a heatmap of points. They also have a fork of ID that includes a nifty function called Slide that allows aligning of ways to their heatmap. See:

Address Import Ready about 2 years ago

I'm on imports-US and imports and have not seen an email about this.

Address Import Ready over 2 years ago

It is generally good form to inform an appropriate mailing lists. Probably in this case, and There are many experienced importers (and some critical of all imports) who will examine your import wiki page to ensure that everything is copacetic.

"Duck Lanes" on OSM? almost 3 years ago

See also: Davis Toad Tunnel

US County Roads (from residential to track) about 3 years ago

I agree with Richard on the general classification scheme, though I have pointed out that sometimes rural unpaved roads can be residential as they basically serve residential farms. I grew up in an area where the great bulk of the roads were graded gravel and we used them with regular vehicles (including bicycles) as though they were part of the highway network

In examining the edits in the area linked to here, I think you have favored track over unclassified to too great a degree. The "County Road" X roads look well graded and should be unclassified. I would tend to only use track on highways in this area that are less than two lanes wide.

Fixing the rural US over 3 years ago

If you want really good imagery and a state that still needs lots of fixing, try out North Carolina. There is leaf off imagery that is no more that 4 years old. It is a preset in JOSM. Pick one of the 100 counties (probably 80 largely rural ones) and start fixing.

Another suggestion for those who haven't tried, the Strava heat maps are super useful for correcting geometry when trees obscure the roads. See Strava wiki page

Fixing the rural US over 3 years ago

I think you're mainly right on with the need for this task. Especially finding the important through roads and upgrading their status and making sure that driveways serving particular homes should be marked as service. However, and the classification of many of these roads has been debated several times in the US lists so this isn't necessarily a consensus, but I'll put my two cents in here about a subset of these roads. In some midwestern states (MN, WI, IA at least), there are two lane gravel roads in rural areas that are used by residents to travel to and from their residences. I do think these should be tagged as residential with a surface=unpaved (or gravel).

Long and possible incorrect street names in Russia? over 3 years ago

Google translate the first line:

"Moscow - Maloyaroslavetz - Roslavl to the border with the Republic of Belarus ( Bobruisk , Slutsk ) "- Spas-Demensk - Elnya - Pochinok " - Byvalki - Shirkova , 66n - 0830"

First thoughts over 3 years ago

Don't worry about stepping on toes, just make sure you accurately map your area. OSM is also a social effort, so continue reaching out to other mappers for help and clarification on your and their work.

One thing that would probably make your efforts much easier would be to recruit other folks in your area to help map. It can be hard to find them, but even if you find 2 or 3 other mappers, that reduces your effort many times.

Oh TIGER... almost 4 years ago

Yeah, sadly, the whole of Appalachia is like that, except for the few places where mappers live or visit.

Strava traces/slide, can help in the alignment if there are a lot of bikers in the area.

Using Open Street Maps almost 4 years ago

Field paper is nice, too:

NC 885 does not exist and does not appear to be planned, why is it on the map? almost 4 years ago

I think it's fantasy. You'd be best contacting the user first and if they don't delete it, then do it yourself.

They did a bunch of upgrading of US-64 around Jordan Lake that I was unsure of, too. I haven't been down there in a couple of years, though.

New MapRoulette Challenge: Crossing Ways almost 4 years ago

Does this work for cycle/foot- ways, paths and tracks, too?

Bootlegger's Run Trail about 4 years ago

Have you tried the Strava activity heat map alongside their Slide tool? There are enough points to plot the trails:

To use: 1. Click on the edit button (page with a pencil icon in the upper right) 2. Go through OSM login process 3. Draw line that roughly follow the heatmap 4. Select line 5. Press slide button on menu that pops up.

It's an awesome tool for this!

Wetlands over 4 years ago

Those objects were also touched by the redaction account. I remember wierd stuff like that happening due to ways being split by non-agreeing users then those entire segments being redacted. This looks like compounding data issues with imports and redaction.

Wetlands over 4 years ago

I was just looking around at some of the errors and found some edits by the redaction bot. I wonder if it played a role in that particular disaster.

Square north of Highway 8 in Minnesota, USA - Quarry or HVDC electrode over 5 years ago

Just as an added hint as to why, first, the soil is fresh suggesting regular activity and second, there are big rolls along the south end which are probably rolls of peat. Third, there are several field entries from the road which are probably used by trucks to pick up the peat. I don't know much about what grounding electrodes would look like, but I assume they wouldn't need that many service entrances.

Square north of Highway 8 in Minnesota, USA - Quarry or HVDC electrode over 5 years ago

The Bing imagery looks like a peat moss quarry to me.

Allotments about 6 years ago

landuse=allotments ?

Green River, Wyoming, USA about 6 years ago

Welcome to OSM, looks great. I've stopped for lunch in Green River and I'm glad that in the future I will be able to use OSM with confidence when I am there.

I minor recommendation--try to connect foot/cycle ways to nearby and crossing roadways with a common node. This will allow a routing program to provide directions across those different ways.