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Money! over 4 years ago

There seems to be a lot of focus on Steve. I did not think Steve was on the board, so I don’t understand how he is responsible for anything that has happened or not happened over the past 2 years on the board. This is entire hubub is pretty confusing to those outside the OSMF inner circle….

The trouble with the ODbL - summarized over 4 years ago

I was not around for the last license change, and I don’t really understand how it was worked out,….

  • It is surprising that a license was selected that was not compatible with Wikipedia. It seems like that should have been a show stopper issue.
  • It bothers me that our so called “open/free” mapping data project is more restrictive than the US government PD data. It feels ridiculous.
  • Ultimately, giving the large number of people needed for the project, the share alike clause is not needed. The project is basically un-forkable, any copy made is out of date in about 10 seconds. I don’t see how data can be mixed in after the fact without ignoring updates from OSM. If google decided that it was going to run on-going imports of OSM data, the google map maker community would immediately transition over to OSM, and we would get a zillion more eye on the data.

However, the process of changing the license now fills me with apprehension. I am not sure now is a good time to deal with this.

Which camera for capturing 'Street View'? over 4 years ago

I like this one :-)

Poor man's rendering about 5 years ago

Rendering all shop names is waiting for refactoring (version 2.x) to be completed. So, don’t bother with a patch yet, it will not be merged.

Here is the shop name issue.

What is OSM? The best free map of the world over 5 years ago

OK, let me try this again. This is what I should have said.

Over the past year, I have seen imports done in: US, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Poland, Antarctica, HOT (Jordan), and Netherlands. Good or bad, that the current situation. When we are trying to figure out what this project is, any definition that does not match is current reality is probably not optimal.

What is OSM? The best free map of the world over 5 years ago

2010, kind of late. OSM probably forced OS to release that data.

What is OSM? The best free map of the world over 5 years ago

Neither of which had any choice in the mater. There was no free data to import.

Google Monitoring Changes in OSM? over 5 years ago

It was mostly the fact that google has the same two mistakes I made.

  • That the road was extended through the parking, rather than making it a service road.
  • The trace through the parking lot has the same shape as my trace, which again is not very good.
SASA bus stops import over 5 years ago

Hello, please also post this to the import email list.

San Simon Barrier Structure Dam over 5 years ago

Hi Richard,

I looked at your edit. I recommend

  • copy gnis:feature_id tag/value to the way (aka dam)
  • copy ele tag/value to the way (aka dam)
  • Delete all of the tags on the node

This way, should be the same + ele, and gnis:feature_id

The node was imported from the GNIS database, because we have the feature mapped with a way, we don’t need the node tags anymore

Thanks Jason

Using OpenStreetMap on a daily basis over 5 years ago

The underlying idea is that we need to transcend our core GIS/Open Source early adopters types, and get normal people editing. There are just not enough software engineers, computer admins, and GIS people to feed the project.

The Internet is really really big. Wikipedia has 500,000,000 unique visitors a month. Getting 0.1% of the visitors, is 1 million active mappers a month. We are currently around 20,000 active mappers a month. Honestly, we probably have a chance at 500 million unique users, but you get the idea.

Of coarse, we should also add all of the other kinds of maps. We had a nice talk on the lists about plugging in other tile sources. That one is not controversial, just waiting for some code.

As far as what you work on, that is easy, just do what you enjoy. This is not job!

More Addresses over 5 years ago

Yes, large scale address imports are coming in the US because of the E911 system.

I think this shows that we need a lot more mappers, even in Germany. 20 years is much too long,

More Addresses over 5 years ago

114 million households in the US / 1650 addresses a day, US completed in 185 years. Not feeling that good about this.

Massachusetts Lake/Pond Cleanup over 5 years ago

I always picked the best object to keep, and merged the tags. Not always, but most of the time, the MassGIS data was better than the hand drawn data from before the import. I think this is because we were using lower resolution yahoo images in 2009 to trace over. However, If the hand drawn data had name tags, or other tags, they were always preserved. The import did not have the name tags.

But you are right, there are currently no active mappers focused on the cape. p-town, national park, and some places on the coast do have some signs of OSM life.

The Great DC Parking Lot Cleanup of 2013 over 5 years ago

Good job Aaron! How did you only download just the amenity=parking and then edit in JOSM?

OSM datasize in PostGIS over 5 years ago

OK, I will try that!

On implied turn restrictions and armchair mapping about 6 years ago

You should apologize for reverting somebodies else’s change without consulting with them first. You should apologize for not finding a way of resolving this disagreement privately (like emailing state of Florida). You should not apologize for being wrong about the turn relation.

You apologizing has nothing to do with anybody else. Believe me, you are not the only person that should be apologizing for this weekends fiasco.

On implied turn restrictions and armchair mapping about 6 years ago

Please apologize, so everybody can can put the pitchforks down so we can all get back to mapping.

Go Map!! now available in the App Store about 6 years ago

Just gave it a spin, looks great. Thanks!!

Removed. about 6 years ago

OK, see everybody on rails-dev later in the week.