Hi all,

Due to the planned removal of the JavaScript engine Nashorn from Java, we have to take action. Nashorn was in use for three features of JOSM core:

  1. opening_hours validator based on opening_hours.js
  2. overpass-wizard (in download dialog)
  3. JavaScript API of JOSM configuration XML files

Item 1 has been resolved by migrating to OpeningHoursParser written by Simon Poole for Vespucci.

For item 2, we plan to use a hosted service (likely on the JOSM server) for turning user input into Overpass Queries.

For item 3, we don’t see a viable alternative. We plan to remove this feature with the next JOSM release unless someone steps up with a killer-user-case and migration plan.

Please share your feedback, if any, on the josm-dev mailing list.

Thanks for reading and happy mapping,

Simon (simon04) and Vincent (Don-vip) for the JOSM team

Comment from Samith Madusanka123 on 10 March 2020 at 02:36

Hello, What is the possibility to upload the lidar image into OSM. Can we upload it as a background image? then i want to digitize buildings and roads.

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