PUP San Juan CWTS++: A Mini Mapathon Program

Posted by jjppsia on 11 October 2018 in English (English)

Thursday, October 11, 2018

As we reminisce and go back from the first meeting of CWTS++, we students are excited about the things we are going to do, new things that we will learn, and new skills that we will develop. Now, we learned new things above our expectations. We learned values which helps us to be inspired and motivated in helping other people in their communities. We able to do things that can help and serve not only for an individual but also for the whole community that doesn’t need to go hand in hand but through the use of our technologies even if we our at home we can serve and help many people. By that, our instructor conducted a program called Mini Mapathon which is the goal of the program is to give opportunity for us students of CWTS++ to apply or pass the things that we’ve learned and experienced to other people who doesn’t know about what we are doing or why we are doing it. Therefore, we were asked to bring our own guest in the mini mapathon so that we can share our knowledge that we’ve learned and also to inspire and encourage people.

On our second mini mapathon, we also did the same thing in the previous mapathon. First we started from the introduction of our guests. Second, our instructor gave us a short trivia about the very first Philippine map. Third, our instructor let us introduce open street map to our guest. Fourth, our instructor showed the statistics on how well are we doing in the class. And lastly, we shared our knowledge about mapping to our guests and taught them how to use Java Open Street Map(JOSM) for them to use it as a tool to manipulate the data that they have in mapping.

When we started teaching our guests, I realized that I was just like them — know nothing about mapping. But with the help of our instructor, I found that mapping your neighborhood and other communities and places will not only benefit the other people but we also benefit from it. Because for me it’s the least I can do as a student to help, contribute and to serve for people, communities, and especially for our country. That’s why we tried our best to give and share the knowledge that we gained about mapping and encourage our guest to join to our continuous journey in helping people.

As a result of teaching our guests, we are glad to know that they’ve learned something new and tried their best to contribute not because we asked them to do it but because they want to learn how does JOSM works and how they can use it to help our community. As a matter of fact, one of our guest, a friend of mine, told me that he is interested on what we are doing. Then he told me that he wants to join us on our next meeting. I asked our instructor about it and he told me that my friend can join CWTS++ next semester.

I think we all enjoyed the day. As we tried to engage ourselves to other people. As we tried to share our knowledge, encourage and inspire them on what we are doing on our program. I would like to thank our instructor sir Erwin Olario for conducting a program that serves as an opportunity not only to give knowledge to other people but also to prove ourselves that we can develop our skills in teaching, public speaking, and in communicating for us to be better in the future.

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Hi, very interesting, how did you do the leaderboard?

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