Since October, I started adding municipal units and communities (admin_level 8 and 9 respectively) in Greece, wherever it’s easy/sorta easy to do, because half of Greece lacks boundaries for anything lower than municipalities (admin_level 7).

I add them whenever I’m in the mood of dealing with it, just like today, when I tried to find an “easy” in boundaries perspective area to do so. The metropolitan area of Thessaloniki had most of those boundaries ready, and it already had few municipal units (from those which exist there) but with partially wrong info.

I even found two wrongfully drawn boundaries of two municipal units. Couldn’t find if this occurred since the first version of those boundaries or later, but for some reason both of them looked like the boundaries of the respected residential area rather than the administrative one. But I confirmed with (Greek open geospatial data) and other online maps the proper positions of the boundaries and re-draw wherever needed. These two municipal units where Agios Pavlos of Neapoli-Sykies municipality and Triandia of Thessaloniki municipality.

In general, I added the missing municipal units and communities (or communes) of the municipalities: Ampelokipi - Menemeni, Kordelio - Evosmos, Neapoli-Sykies, Thessaloniki, Pavlos Melas and Pylaia - Chortiatis.

Reason for this post? Not any specific, I just liked that I added those missing in the metropolitan area of Thessaloniki, unlike the metropolitan area of Athens and Piraeus which is mostly complete in such boundaries.

Now the area in overpass-turbo looks more complete by admin-level :P

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