Map of old town of Nafplio

Posted by jimkats on 26 July 2020 in English (English). Last updated on 31 August 2020.

Recently I found a printed map of the old town of Nafplio, named “walking map of Nafplio”, and it’s the first printed map of Nafplio I find which references the three districts of the old town, “Psaromahalas”, “Vrahateika” and “Yalos”.

The reason I write this post is mainly personal enthusiasm because I learned about the names of those three districts no more than a month ago, when I added them in OSM. And most elements of that printed map remind me of how OSM tiles present them :p

Just for reference, this printed map can be found outside of the “armiriki” store in the old town of Nafplio, and it’s free. The map is in English and contains info about various points of historical interest.

Also, many of the local people around here (Argolida), seem to know only the district of “Psaromahalas” and not the other two. But nvm, I will spread the word of the other two, xd.

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