Moving objects

Posted by jimkats on 12 July 2020 in English (English).

Moving objects is a typical thing to do and because most times the objects are attached to other objects, if you don’t do it carefully you may end up messing up the outlines of the attached objects.

If you are beginner to such thing, it’s ok and understandable. Try and learn from your mistakes.

But if you are somewhat experienced map editor, moving objects, messing up outlines of other objects, and leave them there without correcting them, that is NOT OKAY.

Last few days I see someone moving buildings and roads while messing up the outlines of other attached objects, and in the end it looks bad. And they move in such way that they don’t resemble the actual appearance at all. For example, moving a building with an attached parking space, but separating them + messing up parking space’s outline.

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