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big crash with Potlatch 1.0 about 9 years ago

yes. dead as a door nail

name in korean about 9 years ago

ah, dont know why but i skipped over that iso 639 link on the keyname page. thanks

gps accuracy dropping from here on out? about 9 years ago

i like that marketing angle nightdive! and mannequin, im not really worried about it actually happening, i just think its interesting to think these things actually have a life span. rather then forever beeping away via solar panels.

Anarchy and OSM about 10 years ago

i kind of like the current tag approach were you can type the first letter and the blue pop up opens in potlatch listing come tag/values. maybe something could be work in around that?

my larger annoyance is duplicate ways and messy ways.

but, better then nothing i suppose!

Resumee of my first weeks about 10 years ago

wow, i think your math is off. 62 cents a gallon would be a fantasy.
were around $4.30 a gallon here, and its supposedly far below what it is in europe

your 1 liter would equal $10.73 per gallon with the current poopy exchange rate