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Now Live: Notes Posted By Scout Users

Great development.

Have you thought of adding a possibility to create some (specified) bugs also outside of navigation?

I’ve used Scout now over the course of about two weeks and have had a few situations where I’ve spotted a missing road when just browsing / viewing the map and was intuitively trying to long-press that location on the map thinking I could create an OSM note on the issue. Surely there’s OsmAnd to rescue in such situations but I could imagine that such (perhaps limited types of) notes creation w/out navigation could make sense..

A year with imagery offset database

Hi Zverik,

Big thanks for the IODB! It came in perfect time last year for the HOT mapping project in Northern Haiti and helped significantly improve our data quality in terms of alignment issues.

Regarding the Google imagery offsets. Where are they? I think I’ve at least created some for Haiti for areas that we (still) have access to the allowed 2010 post quake imagery. Maybe that explains it? .. Given that this is a JOSM plugin I don’t even know who you could get Google imagery to show up in JOSM.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Updated contributor numbers

Wow. This is quite something. .. So, the numbers for 2013 are in short: - about 400k map data contributors with about 7k new every month - 130k of them contributed during past year, and - over 20k in the past month

I was still remembering a figure of bit over 200k for total map data contributors. Good to see that this has doubled since I heard this number! It’s also nice to see that with 1.5m registered users mark being crossed in the near future ( we actually have nearly one third of registered users that have contributed (at least once) to the data. .. All of this is much less bad than I remembered - if that bad at all.

Finalizado Santo Domingo Este (calles)

… and with SDO Oeste I of course meant Distrito Nacional.. (.. don’t see an edit option for prior comments).

Finalizado Santo Domingo Este (calles)

Wow! That’s some impressive work there! Now, you may have broken the boundary of SDO Este in the midst of this. .. Or then it’s been broken already before. I first thought that this was the relation – but that’s obviously broken in some way (seems a mistakenly merged combo of SDO Oeste and Este. On the other hand the way that has the name SDO Este is first off a way and not a relation (that boundaries practically always are) and then also not a closed way.

Let me know if you need any help with this.

Cheers from snowy Finland! (Just visiting here for the holidays.)

OpenStreetBugs Phase out ... progress

Realizing a little time ago that I’m the single biggest map notes contributor I ‘d like to share a thought regarding essentially map notes but possibly related to the continued creation of OSM bugs.

I love both systems. Seriously, they are fantastic. I collected so much data that I have never (=yet) uploaded - - before I started using OSM bugs (thanks to OsmAnd making it easy to use OSM bugs and then map notes) - - that it still bugs me… The process /work flow with osmb and map notes is just that critical bit easier.

Now. Having covered areas in Haiti and Nicaragua with osmb and map note pins / dots a couple of times (until later cleaning the areas up) I’ve come to think that it would be great if we had better ways to filter map notes (e.g hide notes from certain account or show only anonymous, etc). Also, showing only contributions from certain users would be great - or filtering by text string.

Now, this might have to do with some mappers continuing to use osb through the thought that maybe they don’t want to “spam” the map for all? .. Or then they simply haven’t updated their OsmAnd (.. Perhaps more likely?)..

Anyways, just my quick thoughts. And big thanks to all who have participated in creating these wonderful tools!

Finalizado Santo Domingo Oeste (calles)

Great work! The roads coverage really is now better than in Google Maps (as seen in this comparison in : ). Good base for others to continue with!

Finalizado Santo Domingo Distrito Nacional (calles)

Great work Rene! I’m so happy to see your (and also others’) new activity in the area – makes me feel that the push I + friends here on the Western end of the island did before the license change (redaction) bot ran over last summer was well worth it. Happy mapping from PaP! -Jaakko Ps. Have you been adding also the short name to calles (and possibly other road types) when you’ve been mapping? .. That would make it pretty easy to create an extract/conversion for Garmin and other purposes with only the “short names”.

Apple... Please don't render FixMe's


highway=trunk surface=mud

This is _absolutely_ brilliant! I've lived in Haiti for bit over half a year and have had endless headaches in tagging the local highway features "properly". ... This helped me realize that there is no universal properly as local conditions always apply. Thanks!!! -jaakkoh