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Pyongyang Skyscrapers, a Wikidata-OSM-Commons synergy

This is the beauty of OSM, well done!

Dear diary

Today is Sunday

Clarification on traffic signals usage

Diaries have a limited audience compared to the forum. Consider posting your question there as well if you like:

Utilizing the Power of Open Source Technologies: Mapping Tree Species at UP Diliman Academic Oval

I wonder why not adding the trees to the OSM database as well?

Mappatura Area Casa

Ciao p3pp3s3r, benvenut su OSM!

Grazie per le modifiche! Solo un appunto, se possibile scrivi commenti ai changeset significativi, utilizzare un numero incrementale non aiuta gli altri utenti a capire cosa hai modificato, vedi:

grazie ancora e buon mapping!


OpenStreetMap is a collaborative project, creating unnecessary drama (as this diary) instead of communicating isn’t helpful. You have 9 commented changesets without reply, why don’t you reply to them?

Finding SEO spam in OSM

Cool query! Some of it could be a cool Osmose check imho

KEMONO_PANTSU has gotten her 200+ accounts on 90+ platforms banned for no valid reason.

Got it now, you’re trying to add the OpenStreetMap block to the list. Weird project.

KEMONO_PANTSU has gotten her 200+ accounts on 90+ platforms banned for no valid reason.

Does it have anything to do with OpenStreetMap?

Carega - Piccole Dolomiti

Ciao Zando,

i diari hanno poca visibilità purtroppo. Se posso consigliarti potresti proporre lo stesso problema sul forum italiano: non serve una nuova iscrizione, puoi utilizzare le stesse credenziali che utilizzi già per OpenStreetMap :)


Why not using “Movila” instead of “M.”? Is that a romanian editing convention? (I’m referring to this “rule” from the Wiki: “If the name can be spelled without an abbreviation, then don’t abbreviate it.”)

Mulberry Grove, IL

I wonder what can you “micro-map” using satellite photos?

Sock puppet accounts on OSM

Oh, that’s a newbie vandal! In Italy we have (had?) a vandal that created at least 16 accounts and collected 19 blocks (related topic here).