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Who maps every day (without fail)?

I wonder if you could list the users who have mapped for every single day since the day of registration, for at least 1,000 days?

When the World Needs a Map, Give them a Database

Another problem I have noticed is how hard it is to clone the infrastructure that powers OSM for similar projects. Judging from my progress at!/Fantasy_maps_with_OSM_software (currently delayed due to other commitments), it is far from as easy as installing MediaWiki, another FOSS project.

No, there's still more!

This is partly why I am trying to create instructions to help people set up their own server stack so that don’t have to post their data here.

Note to self: also create instructions to set up a local domain name.

Legacy Road Colours for OpenStreetMap Carto

Hi, I made an attempt at improving the legibility of the motorway and primary road shields (for the official colour option), by adding a 0.25-wide halo around the text.

The current motorway route colour is a bit hard to challenge because it seems to be the most appropriate for the official colour of the shield.

Potential border issue: Catalonia

Well, it’s started:

This is why I activated the early warning flare.

Odd brown area

Oh, not even JOSM or the most experienced mapper is immune to making mistakes.

Anyway, thanks guys.

Odd brown area

@maxerickson It doesn’t look like the history page at is helpful at all. It shows every recent changeset in view, no matter how small it is.

Representing San Francisco City Hall in simple 3D building

@Chetan_Gowda Assuming that I can’t link to Google, the tower blocks at,, and

Representing San Francisco City Hall in simple 3D building

This is pretty impressive, but I wonder which renderers support multiple balconies over many floors, in the same location, as in those in tower blocks in London?

AAARGH !!! Those Spammers !


My bad. (facepalm)

AAARGH !!! Those Spammers !

The problem now is that the spammers are doing it nearly everyday, pushing all the legitimate entries off the feed. Another thing I noticed is that the OpenStreetMap signup page does not have that “I’m not a robot” captcha, which is a far cry from the days you had to figure out nearly-indecipherable words.