I wished that setting up a standalone OpenStreetMap server, with the likes of Rails, Mapnik and Nominatim all in one computer, was as easy as setting up MediaWiki. I think that the ease of setting up MediaWiki is why MediaWiki-based wikis are so popular.

If setting up a standalone OpenStreetMap server was as easy as setting up MediaWiki, many people would be mapping their own worlds on their own servers, saving OpenStreetMap the headache of dealing with fictional edits.

Long story short, I still wish to set up a standalone OpenStreetMap server for my NationStates nation under Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, but I think I will need help with the development of a simple method to set-up such a server — not only due to my poor health, but also to make things a lot easier for other fictional mappers that can’t fit their worlds into OpenGeoFiction.

I am sorry about the request for help with the server setup instructions, but my health matters more. At least I got my feelings about the complexity of setting up such a server out of the way before it overwhelms me.

Comment from kocio on 21 December 2018 at 21:46

If you look at the OSM websiite documentation, you can learn about Vagrant deployment:

There are also some remarks about production type deployment (not just for testing code):

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