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C'mom people over 5 years ago

We’re trying to keep the turn restrictions intact!

It is not safe to cycle in Britain (a rant). over 5 years ago

I had an accident in the rain before due to over-reactive brakes, sometime in 2012, and I fell on my hand and arms first and not my head. I don’t usually go over 16-20 km/h for health reasons.

It is not safe to cycle in Britain (a rant). over 5 years ago

Even in the UK, it is my personal opinion that cycling is only safe if people don’t have to dress up like Tour de France riders: that does not make any sense.

What I saw in the Netherlands last year makes me feel how behind the UK is at present.

10.000 broken Turn_Restriction in the OSM Planet File almost 6 years ago

@Richard, the restrictions do show in the sidebar it does not usually show up on the main editing screen (maybe I am just so used to JOSM, and I am a bit cranky for other reasons today).

10.000 broken Turn_Restriction in the OSM Planet File almost 6 years ago

One of the problem behind this is that iD does not display turn restrictions very well. That is why so many new editors unwittingly break turn restrictions.

Lets tone down mutually offensive and insulting statements with Harry Wood about 6 years ago

A “Draft” does not necessarily mean it is optional to follow them: for example, when a website is very young the webmaster has to come up with some good practice rules, then over time they need to revise it to take into account the changes and evolutions in the community.

New road style for the Default map style, the full version - high zoom about 6 years ago

All the link roads should be narrower than its mainline equivalent, and not just motorways.

New road style for the Default map style - the full version about 6 years ago

I would support the rollout of the new highway colours after we have implemented the “heritage” layer: see

New road style for the Default map style - highway=path is evil over 6 years ago

I think the colour changes are so drastic that a version with the existing colours should continued to be maintained as a “heritage” layer and have it run side by side.

Nepal, OSM License, and the NGA over 6 years ago

Even with the governments out of the way, we can’t practically force everyone to comply with our licence unless we have an aggressive legal team like RIAA.

Germanwings Flight 9525 response over 6 years ago

The glacier came from Vlad and I checked the cliff in question. I do get inspired by the work of HOT (the humanitarian mapping people) because there are many areas in the world that are not mapped and the default imagery in Potlatch is detailed enough to create starting points for projects in future.

I do my best in good faith to add information to a very remote area that clearly lacked sufficient detail prior to the crash, but to have more people joining in will help rescue and medical teams anywhere, as the response to the Ebola crisis shows.

No one should be discouraged from giving crisis response mapping a try.

5 dreams/ proposals for OSM headquarters (please comment) about 7 years ago

I welcome any improvement to the default style as long as we still have blue for motorways and green for primary routes in the UK. ;-)

none about 7 years ago

A quick side question: do we have database backups in case of a serious vandalism incident?

25000000 about 7 years ago

We also recently passed the 4 millionth relation.

Upload zoom-dependent? about 7 years ago

Not all zoom levels will update like magic. Zoom levels 13 or closer get updated more often (from about 5 minutes to 24 hours depending on the load) than Zoom levels 12 or further (around a month or more).

Fixing common & possible Tagging Mistakes about 7 years ago

After talking with will_p I can see that not every editor can see to what the demands of every locale are. At this point I am confident that this idea encouraged mass editing, whether intentional or not: as I speak someone might have come up with a new tag for a good reason.

Fixing common & possible Tagging Mistakes about 7 years ago

UPDATE: unfortunately some users are objecting to the clean-up of some tags: will_p messaged me about shop=photo_studio meaning something different, i.e.:

  • shop=”photo_studio” - a shop with a studio where people go to have their photographs taken. These shops do not usually sell other products or print photos except those taken in the shop.
  • shop=”photo” - a general purpose tag for a shop that prints photos or sells photo or camera related materials/equipment.
Fixing common & possible Tagging Mistakes about 7 years ago

I’ve acted on a few erroneous tags but shop=pharmacy is so widespread in Germany that updating them all might take longer to encourage the local editors to just use amenity=pharmacy.

What to do today? (It's too wet to go out mapping!) over 7 years ago

Another wet day idea would be to convert railway stations into the latest public_transport scheme, adding the stop positions, station buildings and all and then combining that into a relation. This is what I do for London, with lots of details included for the manual:

Someone broke OpenStreetMap again over 7 years ago

The phrase relating to vandalism was for an unlikely occurrence of such, given that I’ve encountered a few incidents (unsourced bitcoin nodes, unexplained closure of notes and the lingering effects of the “improving security” vandal that someone told me about.