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Project: Puerto Rico TIGER Fixup over 8 years ago

I always wondered how it ended up in ArcGIS Online, kudos to La Escuela Graduada de Planificación. I tested it in JOSM and iD, the appearance and performance is great. I’ll go check out the pdf to learn about usage. Thank you Ernesto!

Project: Puerto Rico TIGER Fixup over 8 years ago

Hey bdiscoe. I’ve updated the references and data sources section above with links. In particular I have yet to find the 2009-10 USACE imagery available as a web service for using it in JOSM, but the USACE 2006-07 is. I feel the same way about the “tiger:reviewed=no” tags been removed by people with local or ground knowledge. I also added more information at the bottom of the diary entry for explaining how I’ve been working on all this. Thanks for contributing.

Project: Puerto Rico TIGER Fixup almost 9 years ago

Thanks! I use OSM for navigation so I really think this is needed.