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Tagged and Untagged Nodes over 1 year ago

@ff5722, I did a bit of research and some tweaking based on previous examples, and here's what I was able to come up: an overpass query looking for nodes without tags not belonging to ways or areas here.

Отслеживание правок на определенной территории и исправление ошибочных изменений over 3 years ago

After reading a machine-translated version of the article, I found your tips outlined in this diary entry useful. I made an English translation of this diary entry (without the accompanying images) at so that other people can apply your map error fixing tips.

I'm fed up with all this spam on the RSS feed, especially Chinese over 3 years ago

Hope this helps: A page in the OSM Wiki where they post/document instances of spam

Warning: GPS tracks recorded with an iPhone can be a waste over 4 years ago

I wonder if this also applies to iOS devices with older versions of iOS?

how dare they :) almost 5 years ago

You may want to edit your entry and re-edit the link, like this: Google wipes Scottish isle from its maps

Use craigslist tiles as basemap in ID editor. almost 5 years ago

This also works for JOSM (as a TMS entry), but with minor modifications: tms[(maximum zoom number)]:{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png

note expiration almost 5 years ago

The notes will be reflected here, even if they are fixed. I hope that my explanation answers your query

Quezon Ave - Araneta Ave Underpass Now Open but... over 5 years ago

Result: Route passes through the tunnel/underpass. Looks like we're the first one to put it on the map (as a functioning underpass)

Sydney redacted almost 6 years ago

Let me know if there are areas needed to be remapped. I'd like to help out and restructure the map in the Sydney area.

Good Day almost 6 years ago

For your information, you can contact the OpenStreetMap Philippines mailing list for help/more information

Do it right or not at all about 6 years ago

Honestly, I have problems with some mappers in my "areas of responsibility". However, I'll have to agree with compdude and Sanderd17 - inform them of their mistakes and encourage them to fix their edits. If that fails to "educate" them, then fix the various problems (unconnected roads, self-intersecting ways, open polygons) on sight.

Coordinates of HVDC facilities in China and Philippines over 6 years ago

I believe that there's new imagery covering parts of HVDC Leyte-Luzon ( )

I'm done with one portion (Santa Magdalena - Irosin), can you finish the rest?

Zoom in satellite image over 6 years ago

also, try to ask questions at or from nearby mappers if you need help with OSM-related stuff

Bing WMS not working almost 7 years ago

So far, I do not have problems with it. Try flushing the tile cache in JOSM.

OSM Browser Woes almost 7 years ago

I'm also encountering a similar problem.

House Numbers about 7 years ago

Already made much Edits when OSM Error Appears about 7 years ago

Addendum: Use Merkaartor

intentionally got "lost" from QC to Makati over 7 years ago

It can be done in Potlatch. See for more information.

Mapping part of West Triangle in Quezon City over 7 years ago

It's a good thing that you found a better cop-out. Other than that, another job well done.

Cartography Sticker almost 8 years ago

@LR-7 Thank you for responding to my comment.

By the way, you could encounter this problem - entering sites that may raise someone's suspicion (specifically outdoor retail strips/areas within "private property"). My suggestion is for you to make a customized ID. (Note: This problem pops up for me from time to time).