uploading some old tracks and how to tag a concert venue

Posted by ianlopez1115 on 8 June 2009 in English (English)

I had uploaded some tracks which I have stored for some time (one was not uploaded for two months). Since I had some trouble with my computer recently, I decided to upoad a load of them, starting today. I also made some edits in Paete, but the GPS trace is too messy. I have also started to make minor edits in downtown Los Baños (and another university other than the University of the Philippines Los Baños - located just 5-10 minutes from the downtown area) and expected to make edits in my home city, and two nearby towns.

Other than that, I am planning to map out other areas and add some housenumbers farther from my neighborhod. This will be challenging, as some occupants decide to obscure the view of housenumbers currently assigned by the barangays (or hide the housenumber plates). Also, at least one comanion in my mapping is afraid of dogs (and that really hampers my mapping plans) and at this moment, it is raining hard.

Other than that, is there a way to tag a temporary concert venue? From what I know, it is mostly abandoned on "ordinary days". The location can be found below. (The reason is that there is an upcoming concert and some people who are kinda new to the area may want to know where the concert is being held. I also think that the said place is also the place where a very popular band had its final concert.)

For now, just hope that I can go to many places not only for its primary purpose (there are many, I believe) but also to add more essential information and points of interests for OpenStreetMap.

Location: Metropolitan Park, 76, Zone 10, Pasay, District 1, Pasay, Metro Manila, 1300, Philippines

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