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Posted by ianlopez1115 on 23 September 2008 in English (English)

Since my last post, I added city and town boundaries in the Metro Manila area, which will possibly profit OSM users in the Metro Manila area and possibly tourists and visitors. Also, I fixed nodes and waypoints and added new ones (an example of this is the Silver City Automall and the "nearby streets" [south of Eagle Drive]). I got the info for the boundaries from personal knowledge, previous travels to some of the areas, and Yahoo! imagery helped me a lot to accomplish it. I didn't use maps under copyright and I wrote down notes where the borders are.

Also, I decided to concentrate my mapping energies in the Metro Manila area just to help improve its coverage. San Pablo City, on the other hand, will have to be contented with the current coverage until I get a good GPS device. Still, I hope that many Filipinos will discover OpenStreetMap and use it freely, since it doesn't have that much copyright restrictions that other physical and interactive maps have (at least most of them).

If I made certain problems here, send me a message (but not through the comments section). I'd like to participate in a mapping party in the Mega Manila area, if not my own hometown.

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